Baby Discipline 1 Year Old | DisciplineThrough Talking.

Baby Discipline 1 Year Old ; Here are a couple of ways on how to discipline a baby. When talking or addressing a matter of concern to your little one be sure to go down, or squat and talk with heads at the same level. lifting them up too is also good.We mentioned ignoring the baby in the other article, which works out wonderfully.

Discipline your baby by means of verbal communication and gestures.

When trying to discipline your baby by means of verbal communication. Try using an emotionless face every time you want to explain something to the baby, particularly when they are misbehaving.

Angry mom talking to a baby in Baby Discipline 1 Year Old
Angry mom talking to a baby in Baby Discipline 1 Year Old

Gestures too are a perfect way of reinforcing your message to your little one. Some babies can be really stubborn at this stage. As they tend to ignore all your disciplinary efforts. If this happens you need to confiscate whatever it is that the baby is continuously using to do mischief.

However, if it is food that they are playing with and not eating. Simply just take it away from them and explain to them why you are doing so. Then after doing that give them something else suitable for laying with.

How to discipline a baby (toddler).

Baby feet ,baby playing in Baby Discipline 1 Year Old
Baby feet ,baby playing in Baby Discipline 1 Year Old

Discipline begins at a tender age, you can’t expect your child to be well behaved in kindergarten when he is not well behaved at home.

Furthermore, toddlers must be taught how to behave. So as to Install a certain level of modesty in his life. The word discipline does not only refer to being strict but it also means to teach. Therefore whenever you practice it on your baby.

Be sure to remember that, it is not always about being taught and very strict but about teaching your baby to grow in a good way. As the results of disciplining your baby will blossom later and not only will you benefit from it but the whole community.

Verbal communication: How to teach your baby to do well next time.

As we all know that our babies are still new to this world which is full of so many beautiful and dangerous things. They are so overwhelmed, anxious and eager to explore around. So sometimes we need to understand them and go easy on them and not get too cross.

Mother praising baby.
Mother praising baby.

Short sentences are the best to use when speaking to your baby when they have done something wrong. Use phrases such as “ no bitting “;” leave that”. As this will be understood by your baby quickly.

It is typical of babies to get naughty particularly when you are not paying attention. It is essential to provide some entertainment for them to keep them out of trouble. While you attend to your visitors.

Must I lose my temper in front of my baby?

When you have a baby in the house. You too as a parent, have to undergo training on how to behave around children.
You need not be harsh to each other. Also observing your diction and tone when your baby is around.

Parents fighting in the presence of two children in Baby Discipline 1 Year Old
Parents fighting in the presence of two children in Baby Discipline 1 Year Old

Some habits in children today are from their parents. As they adopted it from them as they were growing up. And if not paid particular attention to it might become a part of them and difficult to get rid it is not advisable to get out of control right in front of your baby as this will encourage bad behaviour.

Voice Tone

Mother scolding baby in Baby Discipline 1 Year Old
Mother scolding baby Baby Discipline 1 Year Old

When talking to your baby make sure your tone is not too high. If you’re calm under pressure, your child will take the cue. And if you have a temper tantrum when you’re upset, expect that he’ll do the same. He’s watching you, always watching.

As babies are greatly sensitive and also big copycats as they will adapt and behave like that with others. So be careful how you act when you are around your little ones. praising your baby is magic as it pleases the baby and triggers good behaviour as he will want to do it more often to get you to praise him over and over again.

Must I spank my baby?

Mother spanking baby
Mother spanking baby

How to discipline a baby without spanking.

Although you may be tempted at times, to spank or even slap your baby. Do not do it as it is not a good disciplinary move. Though Babies tend to misbehave particularly when around new people or visitors. They either begin hitting or kicking you, in front of your friends and relatives. Or even behave in a manner they don’t usually do.

This is, however, a common behaviour in babies triggered by too much excitement and in most cases the baby feels try not getting enough attention from you as they always think it’s all about them.

Baby screaming for attention
Baby screaming for attention

When it so happens that you get visitors. Try and distract your baby’s attention either by giving them their favourite toy to lay with or by giving them their best food to self-feed. Or even getting your baby little friends to safely play with.

Remembering to keep an eye on them to ensure their safety. in a safe place.

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