African American Baby Boy Braids 

African American baby boy braids hairstyles are what African American parents are looking for in order to maintain their baby boys’ hair.


African American baby boy  braids hairstyle for short hair. 

baby boy with short curly hair
baby boy with short curly hair

  1. Longer defined curls ; 

This one will not require a lot of upkeep. With this hairstyle you just let your baby’s hair grow out. Let it develop some curls or help it to curl by applying hair spray and moisturizing it. This will help you to achieve a more defined look.

  1. French braids; 

Plating French braids on your African American baby boy’s hair will help to capture his hair in the plait. However, plating French braids on your baby’s hair will help add some volume. 

  1. Thick braids;

 African American baby boy braids are the way to go, you can plait a few thick braids. As this hairstyle is easier to maintain, easy to undo and also quick to plait.

  1. Twist ; 

Shampoo and deep condition your baby’s hair, and then twist his whole head. In order for you to achieve a better looking twist style, you have to keep your baby’s hair short. So that it does not hang over his face. 

  1. Pushback braids;

These are quite sleek, tight and handsome. They are not only good for young black boys but for girls of every race. You achieve this look by braiding your little man’s hair from the front to the back. 

  1. Zig-Zag braids; 

For your African American baby boy’s braids hairstyle , zig-zag is definitely one of the most unique styles amongst the many. As it is so stylish and loved by many. This Zig-Zag style is achieved by mixing hair patterns and embedding them into each other,in order to come out with a remarkable style. 

  1. Half braids for long hair; 

African American baby boy braids for long hair will give you a nice natural look, when plaited nicely. Likewise, you need to take your time and plait your baby’s hair neatly and nicely. Thus, by mixing their natural hair with braids, creating five sections of hair halfway down the scalp. Then plating it with  the braid up until you reach the end. 

Best baby boy hairstyles;

African American baby boy 4c hair type
African American baby boy 4c hair type

  1.  Afro baby ; 

For a cute and soft Afro hairstyle try the cute afro baby hairstyle. With this one you just need to keep the hair short, well trimmed, moisturised and clean. 

  1. Short and curly;

This one is good for your baby as it does not require any complicated styling. You can achieve this look by simply keeping your baby’s hair nice and short. Therefore making it easy to care for particularly if you are always busy. 

  1. Shorter sides and longer top; 

Your baby will look great in this hairstyle, as it  adds great shape to your baby’s curls, hence allowing them to move freely as they play around.

  1.  Mohawk

For your African American baby boy’s hairstyle you can opt for a Mohawk hairstyle. With short treated sides and a short back with some hair left on the top to grow out.

  1. Mohawk braids;

Interesting after doing the mohawk style, you can plait it as well. Your little man will love not just the faded sides, but the cool added braid detail at the top will add a bit of flair.

  1. Flat line twist;

Twisted flat lines are incredible when it comes to young men’s hairstyles. Having a number of flat twisted lines will help your baby’s hair to stay neat and clean all the time. 

  1.  Short braids on the top ; 

You can trim your baby’s hair on the sides around to the back. Then neatly plait short braids on the hair remaining on the top. You can do a twist or a braid with a pared shade in the center to give them a more defined look. The result will turn out great for both.

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