In this category , you will come across the different stages and behavior change that your baby goes through as they grow up. And how to handle each of the stages with care and in the correct manner.

Toddler Sleep Regression | How Many Hrs Should A Toddler Sleep

Toddler sleep regression : How many hours should a toddler sleep; Toddlers, should sleep for 11-14 hrs everyday. Thus 10-12 hrs a night, and 1-2 hrs during the day. However your toddler at this stage ,is going through a lot of developmental stages. Involving physical health development and mental health development. In order for them to stay healthy. So in turn they need some good sleep in order for their body function in the required manner.

Cluster Feeding Newborn | How Often To Feed Newborn

Cluster feeding newborn is when your baby feeds more frequently and constantly over a period of time. This is often common from birth up to about five months of age. Since your baby’s feeding patterns are more regular and longer you need to keep up and feed them more as well. However, on average, most exclusively breastfed babies will feed not only feed after every 2 to 4 hours but also , feed as often as every hour at times, which is called cluster feeding. Likewise, as your baby grows older from three months their feeding time once again decrees. With your baby only waking up for one to three feeds at night. And the number even drops further, month after month.