Can A Newborn Sleep With A Pacifier

Can a newborn sleep with a pacifier ; As a new Mom I found it difficult to put my baby to sleep at night all the time. Together with the Dad; On the other hand, sleep time for us also diddled. However, this system got us very tired and very warn out. As , I needed to take care of the baby all day long .Consistently, this got me thinking and researching on how to improve my motherly skills on how to get our newborn baby to sleep. However, getting a newborn baby to sleep at night is a big challenge. But, most certainly, I figured out the And it helped me to get the little one to sleep. Certainly, you can and do the following as it might help both you and your baby to get some sleep at night as well.

How to get a newborn to sleep at night .

Newborn baby sleeping at night | Can a newborn sleep with a pacifier
Newborn baby sleeping at Can a newborn sleep with a pacifier

Firstly, you need to establish a bedtime routine; thus start by teaching your newborn baby to self soothe. Thus ,by allowing them to self soothe themselves without you soothing them often. This will help your baby to fall asleep on their own easily.

Secondly, you will need to start weaning your baby slowly from night feedings. However, this has to be done systematically ; since your tiny baby’s tummy is small and not big enough to keep them full throughout the night. And, feed them less at night than you usually do during day time. Thus, try feeding your baby after every two to three hours, until he or she adopts to that routine . After that, let your baby sleep .

Newborn sleep schedule.

Newborn baby sleep time schedule.planning | Can a newborn sleep with a pacifier
Newborn baby sleep time schedule.planning in Can a newborn sleep with a pacifier

Thirdly, always remember newborns do not have a set bedtime. Because, at this stage newborn babies tend to sleep whenever they need to. But, when they are now around three months old; you can start to establish a healthy bedtime to accompany your sleep schedule. Sticking to a certain fixed appropriate bedtime will help your baby understand and get used to that specific time. They will soon know it’s bedtime as the time approaches. Follow that sleeping schedule everyday at you will not go wrong.

Newborn sleep without swaddling.

How to get a newborn to sleep at night; baby in swaddling blanket.
How to get a newborn to sleep at night; baby in swaddling blanket.

Further, you must consider keeping a calming ambiance with you to help you calm down your baby to sleep. Also, After that get a swaddling blanket particularly the ones that are weighted on the chest and sides. Because , these make your baby feel like you are still there. This type of swaddle help ease separation anxiety, breaking the sleep association to be held to fall back asleep, and help your baby learn to self-soothe. Lastly, avoid overdressing your baby. Dress your baby at room temperature to avoid discomfort as this might disturb your baby’s sleep pattern.

How many hours should a newborn sleep ?

How to get a newborn to sleep at night; hour glass and clock. In Can a newborn sleep with a pacifier
How to get a newborn to sleep at night; hour glass and clock

As soon as you learn how to get a newborn to sleep at night; you should have an idea of how many hours your baby should sleep. To clarify, It may take a few weeks for your baby’s brain to know the difference between night and day. So ,they will sleep and wake up regularly through the night and through the day.

However, newborn babies are supposed to get fourteen to seventeen hours of sleep; over a twenty- four hour period. This is according to the National Sleep Foundation findings. In addition, some newborns may sleep up to eighteen to nineteen hours a day. Subsequently, it is alright to wake up your baby for feeds if they happen to sleep for longer stretches. During, the night time, try to keep the lights low and resist the baby’s urge to play or to talk. So, that your baby will know that it is now night time and it is time for sleeping.

In the same vein, avoid trying to keep your baby up during the day in the hope that he or she will sleep better at night. As this is not a healthy habit; because after that, your baby will be overly tired . And this alone often causes your baby to have more trouble sleeping at night . Hence , let your baby sleep whenever they want to particularly during the day time.

How Should Babies Sleep?

Baby sleeping facing upwards.

During the first weeks of a baby’s life, some parents choose to share their room with their baby. Most certainly, sharing a room is good as it keeps your baby nearby and helps with feeding, comforting, and monitoring at night. When you share a room with your baby. It means that you will be placing

However, always place your baby on his or her back to sleep. Because it is way safer. Keep your baby’s crib or sleep area simple and comfortable. For instance, keep plush toys, pillows, blankets, unfitted sheets, quilts, comforters, sheepskins, and bumper pads out of your baby’s sleep area.

Who should curdle and hold your baby?

In conclusion; as we all know, we come from different backgrounds. And most of us come from big families, where if anybody hears there is a newborn; they all want to come and see, hold and curdle the baby. In this case if you can’t avoid them ,try to get them to sanitize their hands first before handling your baby. And also make it plain that they reduce kissing the baby and so forth. However, try by all means to avoid giving your baby to a smoking person , as passive smoking is extremely dangerous for babies. As it increases the risk of SIDS.

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