Baby sleeping in basket

Important Baby Milestones To Note From 2 Months To 18 Months Old.

Baby milestones are major developmental achievements as your baby grows. Two months year old babies are still not so hyperactive. But you can record a few exciting developments such as crossing the mid-line, which is defined as an invisible line from the head to the feet, separating the two sides of the body.

Two to eight months old baby milestones.

Mother and baby
Mother and baby

Toddlers at two months begin to visually track objects brought near them. Babies from 4 to 6 months begin to reach out across their bodies with hands.

At 8 months, you discover that your baby starts trying to turn over, or trying to reach out to certain objects close to them. At this stage they also can now handle the objects from hand to hand as their eyesight at this stage is now improved.

Why crossing the midline is good for the baby.

Baby sleeping on left hand side.
Baby sleeping on left hand side.

Crossing the midline is indeed an important skill for everyday life. If you want your baby to quickly master crossing the midline; You can help him or her by giving him plenty of tummy time and enough play area. Not only is it important for babies to do so, but for adults as well.

Are milestones important in babies ;

Baby yawning ,lying down facing upwards.
Baby yawning ,lying down facing upwards.

They help your baby’s body to focus on developing skills.

Milestones enable the baby’s body to adjust and perform practical life activities.

Babies are able to practice self-care, like self-feeding as well as do other body movement related tasks through this process.

It is necessary for visual tracking.Little babies develop an ability that enables their eyes to cross the midline continuously.

Crossing the midline helps your baby to move on to the next step.

This important process must be done by the baby especially by using his hands as it too strengthens the baby’s muscles so that he or she can master these tasks.

Midline crossing requires a lot of braking activity. Hence the more your baby uses his brain to cross the midline.

In addition to the above, the process makes the baby’s muscles become stronger.

He or she begins to develop even more and new commutation skills that will baffle you.

Toddlers love to pull their bodies on their belly at most before they get to the crawling stage. Hence crossing the midline makes the baby able to crawl.

Babies tend to spend most of their time on their tummy because of the muscle strengthening in the process.

Assists in the strengthening of the baby’s body parts such as hands and legs, getting them ready for crawling.

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