Baby care.

In this category;you will get information on how to take good and proper care if yourself,your environment and most importantly your baby: Learn the sleeping routines of babies,and best tips on how to handle them when bathing and tucking them in bed.

Baby Groaning In Sleep

Baby groaning in sleep can be very disturbing. As it might mean a whole lot of different things. Such as ;  First and foremost, your baby could be groaning in their sleep probably because they might be having colics. 
Secondly; you baby can also groan in their sleep due to pain and discomfort in their sleeping position.
Thirdly; it also could be that your baby might have had enough milk to drink and is now in discomfort.
Forth; your baby might be feeling pain due to discomfort caused by moving ,trapped air in their tummies . 
Fifth;without doubt you will realize that your baby will grunt and groan while making an effort to empty their bowel. Primarily, because they have immature abdominal muscles.

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Baby Boy Room Ideas

Baby boy room ideas for ; Ceiling;
The ceiling is often ignored when decorating nurseries . So let us first consider our little man’s ceiling before anything else. Rather truth be said , decorating the nursery ceilings does not have to be complex but just pretty and beautiful. There are lots of simple ideas that you can execute in order to create a tone that is very exciting for your baby boy’s room. You can have ; 
Hand drawn ceiling wallpaper ; A hand-drawn wilderness-themed wallpaper creates a lovely colorful sight for you and your baby. 
Nursery ceiling with stripes;  To achieve this look you must have your ceiling decorated with stripes. Whether you paint stripes by hand or choose removable wallpaper, the results will be stunning and will make the room look bigger than it appears. 

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Congested Baby Sleep Position 

Congested baby sleep position is possible when you as the mom or caregiver helps your baby out .
Most noteworthy, if your baby is not older than 12 months of age you need to position and lay their head over a small soft pillow. In order to elevate their head as they sleep.
Helping your congested baby to sit up a little will further assist in lessening the discomfort.
Hold your baby upright during the day ; and if you have chores to do around the house you can carry them using a baby carrier as it also keeps your baby in an upright position. 
Get help from your partner or family members , by taking turns to hold your baby upright at night until they fall asleep.

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Prayer For Newborn | prayer for newborn baby and mother

In the Mighty Name of our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth ! Heavenly Father I come forth before your throne at this particular moment and time , thanking you for all the wonderful things that you have done for me today. Lord, I submit my newborn baby before you. Do as you will with him / her, for it is you that formed him /her , that wove him together inside my womb .

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