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In this category;you will get information on how to take good and proper care if yourself,your environment and most importantly your baby: Learn the sleeping routines of babies,and best tips on how to handle them when bathing and tucking them in bed.

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Prayer For Newborn | Prayer for little baby

In the Mighty Name of our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth ! Heavenly Father I come forth before your throne at this particular moment and time , thanking you for all the wonderful things that you have done for me today. Lord, I submit my newborn baby before you. Do as you will with him / her, for it is you that formed him /her , that wove him together inside my womb .

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Baby Girl Room Ideas | Modern Baby Girl Room Ideas

Baby girl room ideas ; the thought of designing and jotting down ideas for your baby girl’s room can be a great experience. Though it might seem hard to know exactly where to start. The good thing is this article is especially written for you. After going through these baby girl room ideas; you will have plenty of ideas to choose from. Therefore, I suggest that you take your writing pad and jot down the information that perks your interest. Hopefully this will help you to essentially plan your little one’s room.

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Baby Girl Room Ideas Not Pink

Baby girl room ideas not pink ;The color pink is commonly known for its faminity. Since ages past , pink has always been used not only for baby girls; but also for grown up girls and women too. We are not saying that we are ruling out the color pink as a room theme color for girls . But , we are saying let us try out something different and pretty. There are millions of vibrant colors out there that we would love to explore . To use for our little baby girls’ rooms. However , it is going to be a whole lot of fun for you to try and mix these colors ; and come up with a unique combination for your baby’s room. Altogether,creating a space that is welcoming for them. As well as colors that will equally bring warmth, calm, fun and an atmosphere full of wonder.

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What Is Paraben In Shampoo

The FDA defines parabens as “a family of related chemicals that are commonly used as preservatives  particularly in cosmetic products”. In an effort to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and mold. On the other hand sulfates are preservatives  that make a shampoo sudsy. They are another group of preservatives that are also used in the making of cosmetics. Sulfates are a surfactant that is a detergent, emulsifier, or foaming agent.However it is designed to attract both oil and water. 

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How Often Should A Newborn Poop

How often should a newborn poop ; A newborn baby is expected to poop at least one to four times or even more per day particularly in the first month of delivery. However some babies might even take it into the first two weeks of the second month. Then after they will begin to adjust as they get to two months of age. Thus to pooping once or twice a day with a lot of full wet urine filled diapers.You will also note that your baby might skip pooping and then poop the following day. When this happens, do not be alarmed as it is absolutely normal for your baby to do so. As a matter of fact, how often your newborn poops during the first weeks of life depends entirely on how much they are breastfeeding or formula-feeding.

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How To Wipe After First Postpartum Poop

How to wipe after first postpartum poop;Might seem very simple but surprisingly it is not always the case. Why? Because after giving birth, you may have had a tearing and your doctor has settled for stitches to help them to heal faster. And that you may have had surgery in the form of a C-section. As a result pooping after you have completed your big job might be a very painful experience.