Congested Baby Sleep Position 

Congested baby sleep position ; Just like all babies your little one can also experience congestion frequently . Just because their bodies are still building their immunity . So, your baby too will be too little and helpless to fight off a lot of these unwanted conditions. Therefore, helping your baby out when they have a congested nose is a very clever move. 

Home remedies for congested baby ; 

Lemon and ginger in Congested baby sleep position
Lemon and ginger in Congested baby sleep position

  • Congested baby sleep position is possible when you as the mom or caregiver helps your baby out .
  • Most noteworthy, if your baby is not older than 12 months of age you need to position and lay their head over a small soft pillow. In order to elevate their head as they sleep.
  • Helping your congested baby to sit up a little will further assist in lessening the discomfort.
  • Hold your baby upright during the day ; and if you have chores to do around the house you can carry them using a baby carrier as it also keeps your baby in an upright position. 
  • Get help from your partner or family members , by taking turns to hold your baby upright at night until they fall asleep.
  • Alternatively, you can help steam your baby by , running some hot water and sitting in the bathroom with your little one. As steam will help soothe the congestion and help them breathe better. 
  • Air out your baby’s room by vacuuming the carpets regularly to remove any dust, smoke, or pet dander. As well as washing all  your baby’s clothes with light, unscented fabric washes.
  • Above all , you have got to be mindful of keeping your baby hydrated at all times . 
  • If you are a smoker , try and avoid smoking in the house as this will on.y make your baby’s congestion worse. 
  • Closing your windows will keep the pollution outside.

How to help a congested baby sleep   

 congested baby sleeping  congested baby sleeping
congested baby sleeping

As we all know, our  babies do not know how to breathe through their mouth or blow their nose, or tuck themselves in bed in a comfortable position. All this tells us that they need a lot of help from us. So,  in order to help your congested baby to sleep;

  •  Try using nasal saline drops or nasal spray. As this will help clear some of the mucus from their nose. Hence, making it it easier for your little one to breathe and sleep well.
  • You need to also monitor your baby closely to see if your conjetested baby sleep position is right.
  • In the same vein ,you need to minimize discomfort for your baby by placing a humidifier in your baby’s room. I am saying this because a humidifier helps to moisten the air around that space and hence forth loosening congestion.
  • Additionally,  you can give your baby a gentle massage around the forehead, eyebrows,nose cheeks, and his or her temples. Doing this will help relieve pain , release their sinuses as well as comfort your little one.

How to help a congested baby sleep   

Breastfeeding a congested baby
Breastfeeding a congested baby

  • In addition to this you need to make sure that you lay your baby ona flat mattress while putting them to sleep. Because , the AAP recommends laying your baby on a smooth surface at all times. In order for you to get your baby in the proper congested baby sleep position you need to get him or her to sleep on their back , as it is the best and safest sleep position .
  • However , try to keep your baby full , for them to sleep longer .
  •  In the same vein however, during this time you might notice that your baby might refuse to eat due to the congestion. So in order to compensate for the reduced feeding time. You need to nurse or bottle feed your baby as often as possible. Ideally, every 30 to 40 minutes. 

  • NB; Call your pediatrician immediately if you notice that something is not right with your baby.

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