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The Importance Of Sleep: When Is It Safe For Baby To Sleep With Blankets

The importance of sleep; Sleep is very important in your baby’s growth and development as it keeps your baby alert. Sleep helps to release growth hormones. It also reduces the risk of obesity. These specialize in helping ease the baby as well as beneficial to you too. This allows you to attend to other chores or even get some good sleep along with your baby.
When babies are in their infant stage they tend to sleep a lot, hence spending almost half the day asleep. As your baby matures he or she tends to spend less time asleep than before. Therefore, that is how sleep is important in your baby’s life.

Is your baby getting enough sleep?

sleepy babyThe importance of sleep
sleepy baby The importance of sleep

There are quite a number of signs that show you that your baby is not getting enough sleep.

If your baby is difficult to awaken every time they sleep, it shows that it’s a sight that he or she isn’t getting enough sleep.
Feeding problems are also a major sign.
If your baby has a tendency of rubbing their eyes and pulling on their ears, yawning shows that your child needs more sleep.
Babies tend to get difficult to feed when they are sleepy.
Babies do get moody as well as clingy when they lack enough sleep.

How to get your baby to sleep

Tucking baby in bed.
Tucking baby in bed.

It is important that you get your baby to sleep more often be it in the day time or night time as this is good for the baby’s health and growth.

Follow the simple ABC guide to good baby sleep.


baby enjoyingsleeping alone
baby enjoyingsleeping alone

Let your baby sleep alone in his separate crib, avoid sharing your bed with your baby as this can turn out to be a hazard to your baby, as your bed might have blankets or sheets that can overheat the baby, or even crowd the baby. You can always position the baby’s crib next to your bed to easily maintain physical contact and encourage bonding.

Always place your baby on his back for sleep, as this allows the baby to breathe properly hence preventing rebreathing whereby the baby breathes in carbon dioxide instead of oxygen. This position makes it easier for the baby to roll himself over enabling him or her to sleep in the tummy. When this happens letter baby sleep in that position on his tummy.


Adjustable crib.
Adjustable crib.

Make sure you get your baby his or her own little bed known as a crib. This crib should have a firm comfortable mattress, to ensure a night of good sleep for your little one. Position the crib right next to your bed, As mentioned above. This makes life easier for you, for you do not have to move to and from each time you change your baby’s nappy or each time feed them. keep a sheet in the crib avoid too many blankets to avoid overheating the baby.

Importance of sleep to your baby.

Sleeping baby in the importance of sleep.
Sleeping baby in the importance of sleep.

Baby’s who consistently get a good night’s sleep are more creative they have better problem-solving abilities and can create and maintain good relations with others. This group of babies, however, tend to concentrate on tasks for a longer time hence being able to learn and remember new things.
Your baby’s brain needs sleep to restore resources that were used up during the day. A well-rested brain can solve problems, learn new information and enjoy the day a lot more than a tired brain. Some areas of your baby’s brain are even more active while they sleep.

Sing your baby to sleep; Sleeping baby in the importance of sleep.

Singing at bedtime helps establish bedtime routines for your baby over time. A simple lullaby can be reassuring and generate positive and shared expectations of going to bed. This experience has an effective means of soothing your baby and creating a calm night-time atmosphere. The singing actually gives you a sense of having control of the bedtime routine, no matter what your musical talents or limitations may be.

Singing to your baby helps express your love and care, it also makes you feel a lot closer to your baby than ever. However your baby in turn experience and develop a connection with you helping them to feel relaxed and safe in your presence hence sending them off to bed with lots of love and satisfaction.

Your baby a bedtime story.

Bedtime story book in the importance of sleep
Bedtime story book in the importance of sleep

Bedtime stories can help your baby settle down for sleep quietly and peacefully. Since you have realised the importance of sleep in your baby’s life. You will also note that bedtime stories are particularly loved by kids trying to escape the clutches of sleep, but, when told properly, stories can help relax children and shorten the path to slumber.
But not to worry because you will be reading it to your baby who will just take anything you present them with.
Try and get storybooks with lots of pictures for your babies for this makes the process less boring for the baby. As babies love colourful visuals at this stage of life. This will calm them down and send them to sleep too.

Help your baby develop good sleep habits.The importance of sleep

Clock inThe importance of sleep
Clock in The importance of sleep

Helping your baby to have a sleeping schedule is not a bad thing to do, but a very good one as it helps the baby to be healthy all the way.
When you wake up in the morning be sure to open the curtains and let some light into your baby’s room. Feed your baby, sing, play, do your baby sparks activities with him or her, and take them outside for fresh air. We say “gently active” because babies at this age can easily become overstimulated. They also need lots of cuddles; since you have realised the importance of sleep in your baby’s life.

Be sure to keep a close eye on your baby’s behaviour, check to see if they are yawning or rubbing eyes when this happens to take them to bed sending them off with a sweet lullaby. When nighttime is at hand close the curtains and make sure the room is quiet and calm. Make your baby’s crib make sure the sheets are soft and at room temperature as you would not want to overheat your baby, cross check all these before tucking him or her to bed thereby creating a comfortable sleeping environment for your baby.

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