Baby Groaning While Nursing 

Baby groaning while nursing is a sign that your baby will be expressing themselves since they cannot talk yet. But if the groans are making you worried ,you might need to take a closer look and figure out what’s happening.

However, when you are nursing your baby you will get these from your baby often ;

  • Grunting.
  • Morning
  • Clicking 
  • Squirming 
  • Gulping
  • Groaning 

What causes a baby to groan while feeding?

Baby sleeping in baby groaning while sleeping
Baby sleeping in baby groaning while sleeping

  1. Most noteworthy, apart from crying your baby is likely to groan while feeding , because it is one of the ways in which they can draw your attention. Or to try and alert you of any discomfort they will be going through . 
  2. Your baby groaning while sleeping or whenever they feed ,is mainly because they are enjoying their feed. As a result, they might release a sound, more like humming, which you might interpret as moaning.
  3. Sometimes your baby will be groaning while you nurse them because they are probably uncomfortable.
  4. Also, your baby might groan or moan because of fatigue. Thus tiredness from the breastfeeding position they are in .However tiredness tends to make them very fussy and uncomfortable, when all this happens it results in moaning during feeds.
  5. Your baby might be having acid reflux. 
  6. Additionally, your baby might groan while feeding because there could be a fault with the feeding. If not properly latched your baby will swallow wind which in turn causes pain to your baby as he or she swallows the milk.
  7. If your baby gulps a lot of milk they tend to groan and gulp as they swallow. Which also is very uncomfortable for them.

What should I do if my baby is groaning and moaning while feeding?

Mother,Father and baby helping to sleep comfortably
Mother,Father and baby helping to sleep comfortably

  1. For instance, if your baby whines ,groans and moans while breastfeeding. You will need to lay them on their tummy on your lap, and pat their back.
  2. As a consequence of improper latching , you might need to constantly burp your baby during and after a feeding. In order to help get rid of any swallowed wind during nursing in order to alleviate their discomfort.
  3. Also, try to gently rub your baby’s belly in a clockwise direction , and concurrently pull your hands down towards his or her belly curve. Thus ,in order to get rid of excess gas in your baby’s stomach. As this will help sooth your baby groaning while nursing.

NB; However it is  perfectly normal for babies to grunt and groan in their sleep, while feeding and  occasionally during the day while they are awake. However, If your baby’s groaning in sleep continues you can go ahead and consult a health expert if they appear to be in distress, pain, or grunting with every breath. 

Baby groaning while nursing….if you just want to listen and not read the whole article , we have a video just for you ….

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