How To Stop Breastfeeding At Night For 1 Year Old

How to stop breastfeeding at night for 1 year old tips; 

Part 1;

  1.  When weaning your baby you need to gradually reduce the length of your overnight nursing sessions and also introduce solids to your baby’s diet.
  2.  Find some time to explain it to your baby that they will no longer be getting milk at night, and that it is time to sleep at night. 
  3.  Make nursing part of the bedtime routine.
  4.  Increase quality feeding time during the day and spend more time with your toddler so that they may not feel neglected by you.
  5.  Some mothers have a tendency of staying away from their baby, thinking that they will forget about milk. But this is not true at all as it confuses the child and gets them thinking and failing to understand why their mom is neglecting them.

Tips on how to stop breastfeeding at night for 1 year old Part2;

1 year old baby How to stop breastfeeding
1 year old baby in How to stop breastfeeding

  1.  Therefore weaning can be stressful for toddlers so, you need to do it more carefully and also take it very slowly. As it gives the baby enough time to understand what you are trying to do. 
  2.  Give children comfort and cuddles to make weaning easier.
  3. Gradually stop offering breastfeeds, but do not refuse breastfeeds either when your Baby wants it. 
  4.  Try to drop one breastfeed at a time, and wait a few days before you drop the next one.
  5. You must also try and get your partner involved in overnight feedings. Thus if your child wakes in the night for a breastfeed. Let your partner settle your child with a cuddle or a cup of water.
  6. Consider dropping daytime breastfeeds first, then gradually drop any bedtime or night-time feeds. These are probably the ones that give your child the most comfort.

How to stop breastfeeding at night for 1 year old tips; Part 3;

  1. Avoid a situation where your child falls asleep whilst still feeding. 
  2. Replace breastfeed with a special healthy drink like a babyccino. You can try visiting the café with your baby and eat out together. 
  3. Introduce a few limits for your baby. Thus by breastfeeding at  bedtime and first  in the morning.
  4. Distruct your toddler by Introducing a few new activities in their schedule, so that they do not think of feeding.
  5. Try the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ principle by leaving your child with someone they are comfortable with.  
  6. Try not to dress and undress while your baby is watching lest you remind them of breastmilk. Wear clothes that cover your breast area so that your baby does not reach them.

How to stop breastfeeding at night tips; Part 4;

  1. Try to introduce other foods during that phase of weaning, foods such as cows milk for a baby over 1 year. 
  2. Use water as a substitute, when I weaned my baby I used water and it worked just fine.
  3. You could try a sleepover with grandparents.
  4. Break the association between feeding and sleep. 
  5. When you are trying to wean your baby off night feeds;you can try and give them a good bedtime routine that is still relaxing and not forgetting to cuddle them too. 

Breastfeeding at night newborn

Newborn night feedings
Newborn night feedings

Newborn night feedings are vital, when it comes to establishing and maintaining a good milk supply. Since your body always makes more milk every time you breastfeed your little one. You are most certain that your newborn baby will be able to get all the milk they need for their  proper growth and development. In actual fact night time feedings are the best when it comes to breastfeeding your baby .

However, you can make night feedings last, when you now need to wean your baby off milk. Most nNoteworthy, when breastfeeding your baby at night you need to stay close to your baby. Keep your baby close to you at night, if possible  you can share the same bed with your baby. Simply because this makes your night-feedings easier. 

How to breastfeed newborn baby at night

Newborn night feedings
Newborn night feedings

Moreover , you do not have to walk up and down in and out of your room to your baby’s room whenever they cry or wake. When breastfeeding your baby at night you need to find a comfortable position for you and for the baby. I prefer feeding my baby while lying down at night . Mainly because doing so while seated always got my back paining and me dozing off while feeding . Before I knew it I would wake up with a sore neck . So breastfeeding my baby whilst lying down helped me a lot , as it was very comfortable for me and for my baby. And it also helped me to rest. 

However , if you want to try this posture you can do so by lying down on your side, with a pillow to support your head. Additionally, putting a pillow between your knees may help you feel comfortable. Though I don’t use that one I still feel ok with one pillow. Thereafter , take your baby and position him or her lying on his side. Making sure that his or her nose is at the same level with your nipple. If your baby is already used to using a pillow you can place one for them . But if they are not  , just lay them down without a pillow.

How to breastfeed newborn baby at night

breastfeed newborn baby at night in How to stop breastfeeding
breastfeed newborn baby at night

Then gently bring the baby in close to you so that his chin is touching your breast and his head is tipped back a bit.  Once you do this mostly your baby will latch at once especially if they are hungry. If they do , just try and help them latch by drawing your nipple close to their mouth. Most importantly, you must remember to change sides while feeding your baby . You can do this by either holding on to your baby firmly against your chest then roll over.Or , you can leave your baby where he is and reposition yourself so that you are rolled slightly towards your baby and he can now nurse on the “top” breast.

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