Cluster Feeding Newborn | How Often To Feed Newborn

Cluster feeding newborn is when your baby feeds more frequently and constantly over a period of time. This is often common from birth up to about five months of age. Since your baby’s feeding patterns are more regular and longer you need to keep up and feed them more as well. However, on average, most exclusively breastfed babies will feed not only feed after every 2 to 4 hours but also , feed as often as every hour at times, which is called cluster feeding. Likewise, as your baby grows older from three months their feeding time once again decrees. With your baby only waking up for one to three feeds at night. And the number even drops further, month after month.

Should I wake my newborn to feed?

Sleeping baby; Cluster feeding newborn
Sleeping baby;Cluster feeding newborn

Without doubt, if your newborn baby tends to sleep for longer stretches; you should indeed awaken them for a feed. Especially, if your baby is underweight. Then indeed you need to wake them up every 3–4 hours; for a feed in order to regain their weight.

How long should a newborn sleep without feeding?

sleeping baby holding a toy bunny.
sleeping baby holding a toy bunny.

In most cases, babies will sleep for as long as six to eight hours. That too , without a feed thus , as they grow older from three months up to around the age of six months. Moreover, you will also realize that your baby will even go for longer hours of sleep per day as they grow As old as 9 months. Their sleep time will stretch to eleven to twelve hours.

How long should I breastfeed my newborn baby each time ?

Baby breastfeeding ; How often to feed newborn.
Baby breastfeeding ; How often to feed newborn.

It should be noted, that you breastfeed your newborn baby at least every two to three hours . And nurse them for ten to fifteen minutes on each side. All the same, on an average of twenty to thirty minutes per feeding; also helps to ensure that your baby gets enough breast milk. Hence, allowing your body to get enough time to stimulate your body to build up your milk supply for your baby.

Cluster feeding newborn

How often to feed newborn baby through the night; due to, your little baby’s stomach size . You need to feed her every 2 to 3 hours to keep the tinny tummy filled up. I know this can be a bit difficult at start for you as the mother and makes you a little sleep deprived. Not to worry because you will soon adjust and get used to the routine. Moreover, some babies might not even require you to introduce a feeding schedule, as they have their own feeding intervals . So you can just relax and let them guide you on how much they want to feed. However,in some mother’s babies love to feed more at than in others; because, they have a hormone that produces prolactin, at night.

How to cope with night feeds.

baby feeding at night. Cluster feeding newborn
baby feeding at night. Cluster feeding newborn

For the most part, waking up to feed your baby in the early weeks can be mentally and physically tiring. Here are a few tips on making night feeds manageable for you as the mother;

Firstly, make sure you prepare yourself mentally even before the baby comes. Your mind should be ready ,and should be already and in acceptance; that your schedule will adjust a bit for a while.

Secondly, whenever your you feel you need some sleep ,make sure you also sleep whenever your baby sleeps; because, that is the only time that you will get to sleep as well.

Thirdly,have your baby items readily kept near you. As well as your changing mat, baby’s diapers ,wipes and change clothes; so that you can change your baby more quickly.Before,going to bed keep a glass of water and some snacks near your bed so that you can have some refreshments during feeds to encourage more milk production.

Above all always remember to burp your baby after every feed. But, try not to wake the baby up too much as you might have trouble getting them back to sleep again.

Furthermore, getting help with your baby is a big relief for you. Either you get your partner to help you with the baby or a family member . This will help you get some good sleep as well.

Last but not least, avoid negative comments from people about your baby ,as babies are different and ways that you raise them are different too. Try professional advise that helps you raise you child properly.

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