Baby Groaning In Sleep

Baby groaning in sleep can be very disturbing. As it might mean a whole lot of different things. Such as ; 

  • First and foremost, your baby could be groaning in their sleep probably because they might be having colics. 
  • Secondly; you baby can also groan in their sleep due to pain and discomfort in their sleeping position.
  • Thirdly; it also could be that your baby might have had enough milk to drink and is now in discomfort.
  • Forth; your baby might be feeling pain due to discomfort caused by moving ,trapped air in their tummies . 
  • Fifth;without doubt you will realize that your baby will grunt and groan while making an effort to empty their bowel. Primarily, because they have immature abdominal muscles.
  • Sixth; if your baby groans in sleep is wriggling and turning  , it could be that your baby’s clothes or diaper might be too tight and causing pain and discomfort. 
  • Seventh ; it can also mean that your baby might be tired, probably from the nursing position .
  • Eighth; it could be that your baby is not sleeping in a comfortable sleeping position.
  • Ninety; Your baby might be having pain due to an infection,in most cases it is usually to do with their ears. 

What causes your baby to groaning in their sleep.

Baby sleeping in Baby groaning in sleep
Sleeping baby in Baby groaning in sleep

Your baby will most likely groan in their sleep , primarily because of discomfort mainly caused by ;

  1. Your baby has an ear infection.
  2. They might be having colics.
  3. Pain in the stomach can also cause a baby to groan while sleeping.
  4. Baby not sleeping in proper sleeping position.
  5. The fact that they are simply hungry.

What to do for your baby

Sleeping baby
Sleeping baby

In as much as , baby groaning in sleep is very uncomfortable and disturbing, particularly for you and  for your baby too . It still comes back to you , as you need to assist your baby through those groans. You can help your groaning baby by ;

  1. Making sure that your baby is latched properly while breastfeeding , in order for them not to swallow any wind . Hence preventing your baby groaning in sleep.
  2. However , while you breastfeed make sure that you hold your baby in a comfortable  position to avoid any discomfort.
  3. When tucking your baby in bed , make sure that you lay them in a comfortable position.So that you will not have your baby groaning in sleep.
  4. Make sure to check your baby’s diaper always , to see if it is not too tight and not cutting through your little baby’s delicate skin.
  5. Feed your baby well before bed ,until they are full.
  6. Check your baby’s whole body for any cuts, pimples or anything that might cause discomfort.

NB; However it is  perfectly normal for babies to grunt and groan in their sleep, while feeding and  occasionally during the day while they are awake. However, If your baby’s groaning in sleep continues you can go ahead and consult a health expert if they appear to be in distress, pain, or grunting with every breath. 

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