How to relieve constipation in babies quickly

How to relieve constipation in babies quickly home remedies

Bowl and crusher in How to relieve constipation in babies quickly
Bowl and crusher in How to relieve constipation in babies quickly

How to relieve constipation in babies quickly ; Is often an almost easy task for nursing mother’s. As it is exactly what any of them would want.

Keep your baby hydrated;

This is achieved by keeping your baby hydrated at all times . However, offering your baby more fluids before feeds ,in between feeds and after feeds helps hydrate your baby. Therefore, reducing constipation. Furthermore, relieve your baby from this painful experience by introducing more fluids to your baby’s food. Make his menu a half fluid menu. By so doing ,you will help relieve constipation in your baby quickly.

Dietary changes;

Dietary changes are a clue to constipation dilemmas that we as nursing mothers often face, and experienced mostly by our little cuties. Feed your baby pureed foods as these come in a more liquid form. Making them easy to digest. In addition, introduce foods that are rich in fiber. Such foods include peaches, prunes, cereal, broccoli, pears, and skinless apples. So, when you have done this . You might want to consider feeding your baby; small amounts of water, milk or juice in between or after their meals. Because , you want to help them relieve constipation quickly. Furthermore, juices such as prune juice , grape juice and pear juice. On their own are very good natural home remedies for relieving constipation in your baby quickly. In addition, these juices will act as a laxative ; because of the sweetener that they contain . The sweetener is known as “sorbitol”.

Help exercise your baby;

However, in an effort to reduce constipation in babies quickly . You must try and introduce other remedies apart from dietary changes. Exercise works really good and in turn produces quick results. Therefore, try and help out your baby by giving him what is popularly known as the bicycle ride exercise. However, thus is done to help soothe the pain in your baby and discomfort caused by constipation.
  • Firstly, lay your baby flat on their back.
  • Secondly, take hold of your little babies legs.
  • Thirdly, gently move their legs like they’re riding a bicycle.
  • Finally, be on the look out for a good instant stool pass . As this exercise is another one of the remedies that give you a quick results.

Gently massage your baby

Try to gently massage your baby’s tummy using olive oil, this also helps in getting instant results.
  • Firstly, apply adequate amount of olive oil in your hands; and rub them together just get it warm.
  • Secondly, gently massage your baby’s stomach area and around the lower-abdomen. Thirdly, massaging your baby’s stomach will stimulate the bowels to pass a bowel movement swiftly. However, doing these stomach massages more than once a day will further stimulate a quicker bowel movement.

Serve your baby vegetables;

For a better ,improved and quick bowel movement try feeding your baby with vegetables. Because vegetables help to stimulate bowel as, they contain a large percentage of natural fibers. Which in turn helps your child’s bowel movement to be swift . They too help speed up your child’s colon contractions. And also softens the stool ;hence, making the baby pass stool easily.

Excessive straining on your baby’s system ;

Is usually caused by painful, slow bowel movements. Causes your baby to pass hard and difficult stool. Making him or her to feel discomfort and become fussy all day. However, if you have tried all the home remedies above and you still have not recorded a change .Try and consult your healthcare provider. Because, in some babies it can be a different case. Apart from the condition being caused by dehydration and solids food with little or no fiber at all. Their case might be a different one that requires a professional medical adviser. Whereas, in other babies it can be due to structural problems; that in turn affect the digestive tract. And other factors such as; spinal injuries, stress, hormonal changes, cancers, muscle problems.

Summery ; How to relieve constipation in babies quickly.

crying baby in ; How to relieve constipation in babies quickly
crying baby in ; How to relieve constipation in babies quickly

Can constipation be relieved fast in babies?.

Yes constipation can be relieved quick in babies. Thus if you chip in and help your baby with exercise and massages.As well as by feeding your baby high-fiber food, such as : Oats. Whole-grain. Cereal. Bread. Beans. Water. Breast milk. Formula milk. Grape juice. Pear juice. Prunes. Grapes . Skinless apples. Broccoli. Spinach. However, this should help ease the discomfort in your baby ; and lead to a happy and healthy baby lifestyle.

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