15 Month Old Development Checklist

15 month old development checklist is an timeline which is accompanied by interesting baby developmental milestones . Your baby at this age will show great leaps in all areas of development . Be it motor, speech-language, cognitive and social-emotional.

15-month-old development checklist

Baby learning how to walk in 15 month old development checklist.
Baby learning how to walk in 15 month old development checklist.

15 months old developmental checklist is a period of interesting baby milestones. A time of great leaps in all areas of development . However, the following points highlight some of the developmental milestones; that your 15 month old baby will begin to show as he or she grows:

Recognizing things.

15 month old developing Baby playing alone
15 month old developing Baby playing alone

He or she will begin to recognize objects and what they are used for. Such as phones for talking, a cup for drinking and Sitting position. Just to mention but a mention but a few. Your toddler ,baby will begin empathize pointing at objects in order to draw your attention.

Walking and running in 15 month old development checklist

Baby learning how to walk
baby learning how to walk

Toddlers at this stage begin to walk ,run and climb on things. Furthermore, your baby will have an improved brain development . Which in turn will allow him or her to balance and explore her environment with caution . Hence, being extra careful not to hurt herself. Typically, your toddler will always be out and about making a mess . Because, he or she will be practicing and exercising their small muscles. He or she will start to develop dexterity and spatial reasoning skills ; are noted when he or she begins to stack bricks together. However, your 15 month old will now be able to grab small items with just the tips of her fingers . And to play simple sorting games.

Jargon and reasoning

Furthermore, your toddler’s unintelligible babbling is transitioning into “tuneful jargon” that mimics the cadence and tone of your own speech. You will note that your toddler will begin to understand and follow your simple commands; because of the developments taking place in them. They begin to follow simple commands such as ; “come here” or, “Give me that.” Furthermore, you will note that your child ; will begin to clearly call out certain words repeatedly. Your child at 15 month will be developmentally ready to sleep through the night. His or her vocabulary will naturally shape . That will be because of the developed copying and imitating habits ;that they developed over time as they where growing up. These new words come particularly from the words spoken to or around her by you and other family members.

Muscle development in 15 month old development checklist

Your infant is able to ask for help by handing over or pointing at what they want. Your toddler at this age is able to experience emotions . Thus they can get sad if they see someone crying ; yet even be happy and jump around if they see someone happy. You will realize that your 15 month old old toddler ; spend a lot of his or her time walking around, and usually stoping . Only when he sees a toy and to climb on furniture ; because , this is the time at which their muscles are fully developing. With the baby also refining their balance .

What is the best way to handle toddler tantrums?

Angry baby pulling blanket to himself.
Angry baby pulling blanket to himself.

At this delightful age of 15 month ; your toddler will not only start to display those cute milestones . But, will also throw tantrums. And , usually when this happens I must say , it is no nice thing. However, when your baby throws tantrums at you :

Try the following ideas;

unhappy baby
unhappy baby

I admit, toddlers can sometimes get on to your nerves; particularly when they get angry. So what you should do is stay calm ; pretend you can not see what they just did or what they are doing . And just relax!. Because, as a parent you need to be consistent and calm in your approach. Do not vent out your anger at the little one, instead ; acknowledge your child’s strong feelings. And wait out the tantrum. When you have done this ,try and give them what they want . Unless if it is not a safe thing to allow them to play with . Try giving them something else they love , in order to divert their attention .

Do’s and Dont

Most importantly, toddlers at this age dislike the word “no”! , Hence you should try and redirect attention to them without saying the word. Moreover,if your toddler shows sighns of being impossible; this is the time when you need to take charge. Thus by engaging your child in a conversation as often as possible. Ask them what they want ,and why they are so upset. You will begin to see them calm down or shy away.

Allow your baby to get messy!.

Baby playing making a mess in 15 month old development checklist
Baby playing making a mess!.

Sometimes it is not always about your baby throwing tantrums . But , it is about you as the parent . Stop for a while and check to see how you behave with the little one. Everytime he or she tries to play with something. Do not always try to stop the baby from playing with everything they get their hands on to . Unless if the things are not safe for them to play with . Try and understand your little ones ; since, they are in a phase of experimenting on things and getting to know their environment. Allow them to make a mess and get dirty . Then you can clean up after them when they are done playing .

Compliment your baby in order to encourage good behavior.

Father and Mother complimenting their baby in 15 month old development checklist
Father and Mother complimenting their baby

Moreover, do not with hold giving your child positive feedback whenever possible. Compliment them for doing something right , a “well-done!” and a “good!” makes them all happy. And also , you can reward your toddler with their favorite food or fruits. Such as grapes ,prunes and frozen melon and many others… Is

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