How Long Does It Take For Olive Oil To Relieve Constipation

How long does it take for olive oil to relieve constipation in babies? ; Not too long because, olive oil does infect help to reduce constipation in a number of ways, and that too in a few days time.

Olive oil as a major ingredient for baby constipation.

Olives and olive oil

Amongst it’s various health benefits; is a good natural ingredient for easing constipation in babies at home.

What does it mean to be constipated?.

Constipation refers to the rate I which your baby’s bowel movements move. Which ranges from little to very slow movement of stool. This is mainly because of dietary reasons or dehydration. You will also realize that , because of the slow rate of your baby’s bowel movement; you may witness at least one or two painful stool pass in one week. Though individual habits vary from baby to baby. It is however considered normal for him or her to pass stool swiftly at least once a day.

Is using olive oil safe for baby constipation?

Olive oil And dill on the table.
Olive oil And dill on the table.

Firstly, you can use olive oil on your baby ; when he or she is showing signs of being constipated.

Yes!, using olive oil for baby constipation is indeed safe. Therefore, if you notice a change in your baby’s regular poop pattern, you must not worry . As olive oil will solve this one out for you.

How to relieve constipation using olive oil.

Traditionally, mothers used to feed warm olive oil to their babies when constipated. A teaspoon of warm olive oil early in the morning would do the trick. As it would encourage swift bowel movement and lead to the baby passing stool normally. Olive oil acts as a lubricant in the baby’s digestive system. Meaning that the consumed oil would make it easier for solids to slide through without any difficulties. On the other hand, making the baby’s stool soft. Hence, making it easier for your baby to pass stool.

Though nowerdays , constipated babies and children are no longer advised to take olive oil to relive constipation ; by the AAP the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Keep your baby hydrated.

Alongside olive oil , as a nursing mother ; you should make it a point that your baby is fully hydrated at all times. Because of not your baby will always experience constipation. Which is not a good thing to keep your baby in pain all the time.

Step up and feed your baby more fluids than usual;

Give him or her regular breast feeds and if on formulae feed them more . In addition to this , if your baby is on solids diet ,try giving them water before and after feeds . Fluids are strongly advised as they facilitate the breaking down of food molecules in the gut . Hence , making your baby’s stool to become softer.
Well if your baby is still breastfeeding , you do not have to worry about the warmth of the milk; as it comes at the right temperature. But, if he or she is on formula milk ,make sure that you give it to the baby at the right temperature and not served cold. As this too helps in breaking down solids in the gut.

How does olive oil reduce constipation?

This type of oil also stimulates bile release .
Bile acids are produced by the baby’s liver and then released into the small intestine where it acts as an emulsifier; separating fat molecules so that they can be more easily digested and absorbed. Furthermore, because it contains fat; it promotes bile secretion hence, increasing the likelihood that more bile acids will end up in the colon to exert their laxative effects.

Infant massage with olive oil.

How long does it take to relieve constipation?.

Since, olive oil is made from olives. This means that it is rich in vitamin E, antioxidants, and properties that help repair baby damaged skin. However, it is important for you to know that; olive oil is not toxic, does not cause allergies for babies, rather it kills dangerous microbes and moisturizes your baby’s delicate skin. Massaging your baby’s body will also help do the trick.

Benefits of olive oil for Infant Massage.

Baby getting a massage.

Massaging your baby with olive oil will benefit you and your baby in a number of ways thus it ;

  • Encourages your bond with the baby , especially when you ; make eye contact, kissing their chicks and forehead, touching them in a soothing way with so much love .
  • Smiling and singing to your baby.
  • Is very good for your baby since, it improves flow of oxygen, nutrients in your baby’s bloodstream. Hence, helping in boosting the release of hormones that help your baby gain healthy weight and develop their brain.
  • Also helps you as a nursing mother to be aware of your baby’s body ; the marks he or she has ,any pain any bites .
  • Helps to boost your baby’s blood flow.

How to massage your baby with olive oil.

Legs and feet; I always prefer stating my massages from the feet going up, because my baby does not want her face touched .

Massaging bab feet in How long does it take for olive oil to relieve constipation in babies?
Massaging bab feet in How long does it take for olive oil to relieve constipation in babies?

So , if I start with her face it means I will never get to fish off what I started because she will be crying . With one hand , hold your baby’s foot and with the other use your other hand to gently squeeze their leg. Starting with the upper thigh and working down to the ankle. Then reverse and gently squeeze your baby’s leg from their ankle back up to their thigh. Move to their feet and use your thumbs to put pressure to each part of the foot. Squeeze and uncurl each toe to stretch them out.

Massage their stomach;
Stomach massage with olive oil.
Stomach massage with olive oil.

Your baby’s stomach area is where all the intestines are located . For this reason , massaging your baby’s tummy will improve digestion. So, because of this you are going to start gently massaging your baby’s stomach area with your finger tips in a clockwise motion in tinny circles . From the baby’s naval area moving toward the outside of the stomach and below .

Massage the baby’s chest;
Baby getting a chest massage

Massage your baby’s chest from the center to the sides. Smile at the baby and that too singing or speaking baby language. Try making them smile and getting them to giggle ; as you continue to gently apply pressure on their chest.

Work on your baby’s back;

With your baby lying facing down on either sides. Apply pressure , Making gentle circular motions with your thumps; work on each side of the spine from side to side.

Baby getting a massage on her back in How long does it take for olive oil to relieve constipation in babies?
Baby getting a massage on her back in How long does it take for olive oil to relieve constipation in babies?
Massage your baby’s head ;

Position your baby’s head in a safe comfortable position. Hold your baby’s head securely, with your thumbs on either side of their temples. Gently, work your thumbs in a circular motion around the temples and down around their ears and neck. This will leave your baby feeling relaxed. Not only will it just relax the baby; but also relax his or her anal muscles making him or her to pass stool easily.

Finally, massage his little face;

Baby face skin is much more delicate and sensitive than the rest of the body skin. Because of this reason , you will no longer be using pressure as you did on the other body parts. Instead gently stroke your baby’s face. Put the outsides of each hand in the middle of their forehead and stroke outward toward their ears and down their cheeks. each part of your baby’s face, including eyebrows, cheeks, nose, and lips.

How to remove oil stains from baby clothes.

Olive oil certainly is a good remedy for a lot of things ; and that too when it comes to staining your baby’s clothes or towels. It also gives a good permanent stain if not removed properly.

Therefore, in order to keep your baby clothes neat and clean. Try the following steps;

  • Blot your baby clothes with paper towels to remove excess oil.
  • Soak the spot in undiluted detergent for 5 minutes, then try to hand wash it off.
  • Drying will make the stain permanent, so make sure you do not dry the clothes while the stain is still on.
  • Apply baking soda on stained area and wash it off afterward.
  • Cover the stained area with corn starch and soak the the clothes for a few minutes. Then wash it off and dry your baby clothes.

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