Baby crawling in the outdoors .

When Do Babies Start Crawling ; Babies Start Walking

When Do Babies Start Crawling ; As your baby is growing up , you get so eager to witness the next milestone , you begin to ask yourself ” when do babies start crawling ? . How long will it take untill they master crawling ? , How do I manage them when they start to crawl? And so forth. Here I am going to try and share some answers to those questions as we read on.

What is crawling?.

Crawling is an intermediate step between sitting and walking. It is usually practised by human babies in their early months ; in order to crawl the baby moves slowly across the floor on his or her  hands and knees. Taking advances one hand at a time then in turn one leg/knee, followed by the other.

When do babies start crawling?

signs baby is ready to crawl.

Babies start crawling when they are fully developed , when their arms and knees can carry the weight of their body; in short when the bones are stronger. You will know ,that they are about to crawl when they begin to show new signs and movements . This is usually noted from the age of 4 months and in some a bit older but not more than 6 months.

Baby lying on belly in when do babies start crawling.

Usually , the other early signs that your baby is about to begin to crawl is when they start to roll over from back to stomach. Which sometimes involves a rotation around the longitudinal axis of the body .In a corkscrew fashion, one body segment after the next. Typically, in the earliest form of such righting, the pelvis turns first, then the trunk, and finally the shoulders and head the time they turn 6 months of age, cephalic dominance is evident and this order is reversed. Thus the head turns first, and the shoulders, trunk, and pelvis follow.

When do babies start sitting up and crawling.

These little infants display a of multiple crawling postures. As soon as they reach the age of 6 months . This is the stage at which they begin to sit without support wanting to explore their environment a lot. Having mastered sitting up right without support ; babies love getting on their belly, reaching out for stuff. As they grow older into their 7th perhaps into their 8th month. Babies begin to realise that they love their surrounding. Hence , this factor alone drives them to crawl on their bellies prior to crawling on hands and knees. Making our happy little one start to take off on their hands and knees for a better understanding of their environment and things in it.

NB; However , some babies tend to skip the belly-crawling period and proceeded directly to crawling on hands and knees.
Most importantly, infants who crawl on their belly are more proficient to crawl on their hands and knees ; than infants who had skipped the belly-crawling period.

What age do babies start crawling?.

when will my baby start to crawling

Babies begin to creep , crawl and scoot between the ages of 6 to 10 months.Once babies begin to experience a taste of independence , they begin to enjoy their crawling experience. When these little people begin to crawl , their levels of curiosity begins to grow. When this happens they begin to spend little time on their knees investing their energy in standing and gliding.

Not all babies spend a lot of time crawling , they are quick to glide around since they are lazy or smart enough to go through the crawling stage. So they start learning to take their first step. Henceforth they will be enjoying their freedom of exploring their environment in many different ways.

Baby taking few first steps holding mother's hand.
Baby taking few first steps holding mother’s hand.

Babies at this age pull things from a seated position and also while standing. Our little ones tend to cruise around while holding onto the furniture, to get a firm hold and a longer stand. This alone shows us how much of brain development and brain usage there has been. As it takes some good thinking to stand against furniture to avoid falling down.

How to encourage crawling.

Baby lying on tummy in when do babies start crawling.

First of all you need to develop a good relationship with your baby because babies enjoy watching grown ups faces and copying their expectations as well as their movements. Mingling with other babies too works especially those that are already crawling or even older. So as to boost their self confidence and self awareness. After all this you will be sure to know as to when do babies start crawling.

Create time for your baby.

Encorage your baby to roll over on his or her back and onto her tummy and from tummy to back again , assist your baby in doing this by turning it into a game so that they enjoy doing it with you and eventually by themselves. It is easier for your baby to use her hands to lift up her head and then her chest while lying on her tummy.

Father and Mother playing with baby in when do babies start crawling.

This will allow her to play with her hands and feet. At the same time , reaching out to play with things that are near her . In addition , you can look around for his or her favorite toys or any play thing and place it in front of her ; to encourage her to crawl toward it . Crawling around when playing with the baby helps too.

Help your baby to understand you.

Father playing with baby girl in when do babies start crawling.

Helping babies to understand you more will help you to understand as to when do babies start crawling. Babies are intelligent beings to you know .They listen and pay attention to sound and noises and identify where they are coming from .So in order to encourage crawling you can try making sounds to draw your baby’s attention, calling out their names so that they can move toward you. Wave goodbye to your baby at the same time saying it ,they will understand what it means and will want to come to you.

When will they master crawling technique.

When you see your baby crawling very fast , or spending less time on their knees and more time on their feet; Be rest assured that they are ready to take their first few steps. When they do this just know that they have mastered all they needed to on crawling techniques. “When do babies start crawling?” This will be an answered question in your mind when you implement all these .

Types of baby crawling.

There are a veriety of different types of crawling methods that babies adopt as they grow up . Not all methods are going to be practised by your baby just two or three . Among the many there is the ;

Army method or style ;

Army crawl in when do babies start crawling.

Your Baby will begin to find out how to army crawl at around 6 months old. Army crawl , is when the baby gets on his or her hands and knees. Lifts up her knees 2 inches above the ground a with their entire back flat. Without arching or rounding, crawl forward using the opposite arm and leg. Again please note that the army technique is not always the first they use to move around. Infants use this crawling method because it strengthens their upper torso and shoulders.

Lizard Crawl technique;

Lizard crawl in when do babies start crawling.

In this on; babies start in a plank like position. Bringing their left foot to the side and up as close to their hand as possible. Then begin to walk both hands all the way forward and back into a plank position, bringing up their right foot then then the left one.

Bear crawl style ;

When babies perform the bear crawl technique they use muscles throughout the entire body including their shoulders , chest and back . Helping them to maintain an elevated heart rate and stronger body joints in preparation for the next milestone.

Commando or belly crawl style;

About half of babies begin crawling by keeping their tummy against the floor as they move slowly and carefully. While other babies; shift to the classic crawl before they start walking.Sometimes also known as the “belly crawl”. Here your little one begins by creeping , keeping her belly and legs down on the floor and pulling herself along with her arms.

The rolling crawl;

Here your baby ,however decides to use a more different approach to reaching stuff they might need at that time . Which is the roll crawling style , where they rock back and forth until they gets the hang of forward motion. This type of crawling helps and encourages independent movement,enhances your baby’s vestibular/balance system. Helps babies to become problem solvers and strengthen their coordination skills.

The tripod crawl style ;

In this one you will see your baby moving with two hands and one knee doing the work while the second leg takes it easy. This particular method is practised by babies that don’t like to get dirt on themselves. Or by babies that are lazy to pull both legs , though this is not always the case with every baby , it is just what I think of this particular style of crawling.

The leapfrog technique;

In this technique the baby gets on his hands and knees and uses this pose to push himself forward.

Bottom scooting crawling style;

This one , happens when your baby sits on their bottom, typically with one leg bent and one leg straight and one hand on the ground usually the hand of the side where the leg is bent.and they are good to go.

The crab crawl style ;

Here the baby uses her arms to push herself backward instead of forward. He or she places weight on one leg, while bending the opposite leg to propel himself forward, using the hands to maintain direction and control.A lot of parents do not enjoy seeing this style because they find it frustrating.

The inchworm crawl technique ;

In this method the baby pulls himself forward landing with a belly flop. In the rising position, the baby is balanced briefly on his extremities.”When do babies start crawling?” Will be a question that you will never ask yourself again once you have noted any of the above techniques by your baby.

Baby safety.

Toys lying around in baby's room / baby opening drawer.
Toys lying around in baby’s room / baby opening drawer in When do babies start crawling

It is not only the toys lying around that we must only pay particular attention to. You must however see to it that you do baby proofing creating a safe environment for your baby.

Babywearing safety must be accounted for by either you the parent or any caregiver. As it helps keep the baby warm. Keeps him or her safe from colds and flue. And yet again protects the baby’s skin while he is out and about doing what he knows best in the house.

Which clothes must I get for my crawling baby?

To allow your baby to move freely you have to to change their wardrobe. Get them comfortable clothes fit for crawling people.
Since your baby spends most of his or time on the floor you must consider getting them special crawling pants with padded knee pads.

Baby crawling kneepads.

Kneepads for crawling babies.
Kneepads for crawling babies in when do babies start crawling

This help protects the baby’s knees while crawling and are also warm and easy to wash.
You can always opt for knee pads because not all your baby pants are going to be the special type. They are less expensive too and prevent ordinary pants from wearing out.

Safe crawling clothes.
Safe crawling clothes in when do babies start crawling

It is also important that you get special crawling top, rompers or jacket that nicely cover-the baby’s stomach since they are on it most of the time. Also, make sure that their little feet are covered as well as their head at all times to avoid colds and flue as they scoot around the house.

Why change my baby’s wardrobe?

Baby crawling in flexible clothes.
Baby crawling in flexible clothes in when do babies start crawling

Simple! Because all the clothes your baby used to wear from 4 to 7 months might be very small for them now. And that they become uncomfortable for your baby.

If you decide to use them, they will be destroyed especially by the knees and wrists in no time. Apart from the clothes being destroyed, think about their little knees and legs if you were to clothes in baby shorts !.

Safe crawling romper warn by baby.
Safe crawling romper warn by baby in when do babies start crawling

Your baby is at high risk of catching colds if not properly clothed. As the baby spends lots of time on their belly. You wouldn’t want your baby on his or her belly in a small fitting vest, directly lying on the floor.

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