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What Does Breast Milk Taste Like ?

What does breast milk taste like ? is a question that runs in people’s minds often. Particularly in nursing parents, because observing your baby suckle milk, and fuss for milk. Makes you wonder how delicious it is. It makes you wonder what it tastes like. It is such a pity that some of us at a certain point in our lives.  We actually had a chance to also enjoy breast milk; but we seem to have forgotten how it tastes. But, fortunately we have grown people that have actually tasted breast milk.


Breastmilk in What Does Breast Milk Taste Like ?
Breastmilk in What Does Breast Milk Taste Like ?

Does breastmilk taste good?

According to people that have tested breast milk say that breast milk tastes like milk but with a slightly different flavor to begin with. However it is said that breast milk tastes more like heavily sweetened almond milk. Additionally, breastmilk taste  is generally considered to be sweet and creamy with a pleasant flavor. 

Breast milk in storage bags/ What does breast milk taste like
Breast milk in storage bags/ What does breast milk taste like

What does breast milk taste like ?

Well as for me I can only tell that breast milk is delicious from the way my daughter enjoys it. As she goes on to suckle on her tongue after she has finished drinking. As well as the excitement she shows just before drinking milk. I think this good taste is due to the presence of the presence of lactose in the breast milk. Though sometimes its taste can be affected by what you eat. In order to answer the question ”What does breast milk taste like ?” I have listed below the foods that relate to its taste:

  • Honey
  • Warm freshly milked cows milk
  • Sugar water
  • Cucumbers
  • Melted ice cream
  • Cantaloupe
  • Coconut milk
  • Creamy

Can I drink breast milk?

Human breast milk is free from harmful substances as it comes relatively clean and safe. It is recommended for feeding particularly in babies, as adults already have other sources that they can get milk and a whole lot of other foods. However , research suggests that breast milk may play a role in fighting diseases such as digestive disorders cancer and immune disorders. However, according to other sources that I have gathered it is said that : this research was preliminary, done on a cellular level in a petri dish, and not on humans. As a matter of fact breast milk has been applied on burns, wounds and diaper rash. This in done in an effort to reduce infection and enhance the healing process.

Like i mentioned earlier on, it is always easier to get your milk from a whole lot of other sources either than human breast milk. Since breast milk is not always readily available in large quantities. Though some is being sold on different online sites ,it is not always safe for you to drink human breast milk since you do not know the health condition of that person . The last thing you want is to get infected with various diseases from this bodily fluid. Additionally , drinking this fluid will leave you vulnerable to different types of infections such as ;

  • Syphilis
  • Cytomegalovirus
  • Pneumonia
  • Human immunodeficiency virus
  • Diarrhea
  • Food poisoning
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C

Benefits of breast milk

Breast milk indeed has many nutritional benefits , as it keeps our little ones full and healthy when well fed. As it is the only food that they take. However the benefits of breastfeeding your baby are ;

  • Breast milk provides abundant , ideal nutrients for infants.
  • Your breast milk is perfectly designed for your baby so it makes them satisfied and happy.
  • It is readily available .
  • Breast milk is easily digestible.
  • Baby doesn’t struggle with constipation.
  • Helps builds a strong and between you and your baby.
  • It protects your baby from infections and diseases.
  • Prevents obesity.
  • Comforts and consoles your baby when they are fussy.
  • Helps your baby fall asleep easily.
  • It is a baby’s comfort food.
  • Breast milk has enough water which the baby needs , hence this will allow you to see how often your newborn baby will poop. He or she will poop a lot ,and this alone is worth a celebration.
  • Breast milk helps the baby’s growth and development.
  • It reduces the chance of getting childhood leukemia.
  • Prevents sudden infant death syndrome.(SIDS)
  • Supports growth and development right into adulthood.
  • It protects your baby from illnesses, infections, with fewer visits to hospital
  • Breast milk lowers your baby’s risk of having asthma and allergic reactions.
  • The milk straightens your baby’s immune system meaning that they become immune to infection.
  • Additionally, breast milk makes your baby to gain the right amount of weight as they grow.
  • Your baby will have good brain maturation.
  • There will be less cases of colic’s ,crone diseases, diabetes and eczema.

Breast milk nutritional content

Nutrients found in breast milkBreast milk nutritional content
Folic acidVitamin C
CaloriesVitamin B6
FatVitamin D
CholesterolVitamin K
MagnesiumVitamin A
CarbohydrateDietary fiber 
SodiumSaturated fat
Enzymes Lactose
Table of nutrients found in human breast milk .

But these benefits are for infants. Adults may have more questions, like what does breast milk actually taste like? Is it even safe to drink? Well, here are answers to some frequently asked questions;

Why babies enjoy breast milk. 

Breastfeeding mother in What does breast milk taste like
Breastfeeding mother in What does breast milk taste like

Most interestingly, babies love breast milk primarily because  breast milk contains sweet and creamy sugar lactose. Which makes it delicious for babies to want to continue feeding. However, babies enjoy breast milk because it is all they ever have and it satisfies their little bellies. Moreover breast milk contains fats that make it creamy and delicious. This cream makes the breastmilk much thicker. Furthermore, you can make your breastmilk much much healthier by eating foods that make it not just sweet but more tastier. As breast milk is also made up of the flavors that come from the different types of food that you eat every day.

Hence eating foods that are highly nutritious. With all the recommended fruits and vegetables. You will certainly be sure that  you have exposed your baby to the different tastes and flavors  of these healthy foods. Most interestingly your baby develops a taste for the foods that you often eat. This continues up until the time your baby begins to eat solids. They will be ready to accept the foods that you used to eat during their breastfeeding time. This is so because you already exposed your baby to those flavors through breast milk hence they will or hesitate to eat the food as well. Additionally ,breast milk is also loved by babies because it is satisfying.

What to drink and eat to increase breast milk.

Healthy snacks
Healthy snacks

Though your baby loves to breastfeed a lot, you as a nursing mother must also try and keep your baby nursing for a longer period of time by maintaining a balanced diet. Here are some foods (nutritional tips ) that you can try ;

  1. Almonds are not only delicious but are also healthy and full of protein and calcium. However, you can drink almond milk more often not only for milk production. But also to make your breast milk more creamier , sweeter and tastier than before for your little baby to enjoy themselves.
  2. Chickpeas are a nutritious food that is high in protein. additionally, they contain plant estrogens that are responsible for its use as a galactagogue. If you eat chickpeas be sure to get some breast pads on.
  3. Whole grains are a nutritious lot and work wonders when it comes to stimulating breast milk production. As they contain properties that support the hormones responsible for making breast milk. These include ; oatmeal cookies , oatmeal itself, barley and whole grain brown rice.
  4. Garlic ; eating garlic in your dishes will help you as a nursing mom to enjoy your food more and in turn help in breast milk production.
  5. Leafy vegetables such as lettuce , alfalfa, spinach , kale, broccoli and sweet cabbage are a rich source of calcium which is responsible for the full production of breastmilk.
  6. Flaxseed contains essential fatty acids and phytoestrogens among the many ,these two are very essential when it comes to breast milk production.
  7. Sesame seeds are a rich source of calcium that again helps in the making of breast milk in breastfeeding mothers.
  8. Chicken is a healthy and good source of protein . It is however a good food that helps in the production of breast milk.
  9. Nuts are also a major contributor when it comes to quick breastmilk production.
  10. Fresh ginger is a prominent addition when it comes to foods that makes breast milk production great.
  11. Brewer’s yeast is a very healthy nutritional supplement that contains B vitamins, iron, protein, chromium, selenium, and other minerals. Hence as a breast feeding mother you should also try it . So that you can increase your breast milk production for your baby to enjoy.
  12. Last but not least you must drink a lot of water along with all these foods, in order to support adequate breastmilk production.

Other foods to eat in order to speed up your breast milk production.

  1. Water
  2. Flaxseed
  3. Nursing tea
  4. Breastfeeding protein shakes
  5. Starbucks pink drink 
  6. Almond milk
  7. Fenugreek
  8. Blessed thistle
  9. Milk thistle
  10. Garlic
  11. Lactation lemonade
  12. Flaxseed oil
  13. Sesame seeds
  14. Lactation smoothies and tea
  15. Coconut water

These drinks will help establish a healthy supply of breastmilk .

Home remedies to increase breast milk.

Nurse your baby often.

I realized that every time I feed my baby , my breasts reduce in size and after a few minutes after feeding. they all grow bigger once again , this is mainly because my body will have produced more milk in order to replace the one it has just pumped out. This made me realize that the more I breast feed the more my body produces more milk. As I do not have a fixed timetable to follow when it comes to feeding my baby. I feed my baby at any given time, be it at night or daytime I always breastfeed her whenever she want milk.

Give yourself plenty of time to rest.

As a nursing mom . Be sure to give yourself time to rest and sleep, as well as giving your baby time to sleep too. If you are a working mom try and get a nursing vacation leave, so that you can pay closer attention to your newborn baby. As lack of sleep affects breast milk production. Therefore if you want your baby to get enough milk supply be ready to take some good resting time. As well as enough sleep and enough healthy eating. additionally, you need to take care of yourself for your baby’s sake.

Get enough support and help.

like I mentioned earlier on that you need to try and take good care of yourself . I meant it , because if you do not do that . Nobody else will do it for you. Remember you are doing all this for the sake of your baby. So getting your milk supply established is the number one thing you need to set yourself out to do. Firstly you need to stay around the people that support , help and encourage you always in your breastfeeding journey. Because, as a mom things can get out of hand at home , with all the household chores wanting to be completed on time by you.

So getting a bit of help around the house will make a big difference. When it comes to friends ,infect your social circle , you need to try and avoid people who are critical. People who do not support your breast feeding choice. Change that group for a better one that supports your nursing method and who are also in to it. This will help you improve in every way from the way you breastfeed. Down to the types of foods to eat and what you should wear during your breastfeeding phase.

Avoid taking alcohol.

Drinking alcohol lowers milk production .When this happens it simply means that you done nothing but starve your precious little baby. Meaning that you have exposed your baby to so many types of infections and diseases as well as slowing down their growth and development. Research shows that breastfeeding mothers that take alcohol ,actually take longer to release their first drop of milk ,later on produce very little milk . Meaning that when you take this dangerous drink your baby will suckle , but in the process get no milk at all but just wind. Which in turn leaves them with stomach problems. So for a better and improved healthy milk supply for your baby try by all means stay off alcohol.

Water in What does breast milk taste like

Train yourself to drink lots and lots of water. Do not wait until you are dehydrated , just drink. This is so ,because if you get dehydrated your body will produce less milk. So stay hydrated for increased milk production.

Massage your breasts

Breast massage helps to boost breast milk production as well increase its the fat content.

How long can breast milk stay

Frozen breast milk
Frozen breastmilk

Freshly expressed breast milk can be kept at room temperature for up to four hours. When stored in an insulated cooler with ice packs. Breast milk can last up to twenty four hours without losing its freshness. Additionally, breastmilk can go up to four days when stored in a refrigerator, and can go for up to six months when frozen. 

Can you put leftover milk back in the fridge?

It is not safe for you to use leftover breast milk. As well as reusing it particularly if it has been left out for too long. Moreover, try not to re-refrigerated or re-frozen breast milk . Just because ,doing so will pose a lot of dangers to your baby’s health. How to thaw frozen breast milk.;To thaw frozen breast milk,you  hold the frozen bottle or bag under lukewarm running water of  a maximum of 37 °C or 99 °F. Put your frozen breast milk in a bowl of warm water and wait until it melts. Then you can try and swirl it gently to mix it up, just in case the milk separates. 

How to dry up mothers milk

  1. Weaning your baby will help you to dry out your breast milk. As your baby stops to breastfeed automatically your body will gradually stop producing milk and the milk will stop coming out. 
  2. While you are still going through the process of weaning, wearing a supportive bra will also help. 
  3. Furthermore, while trying to dry out breast milk, you will realize that your breasts will become engorged and painful. When this happens you need to express milk regularly in order to help relieve yourself.
  4. Drink sage tea because it helps to suppress the milk.
  5. Take birth control. 
  6. Applying jasmine flowers to your breasts. 
  7. Eat parsley and chaste berry. 
  8. Take estrogen as a combined birth control pill because it also helps  stop lactation. 

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