Nevea paraben free lotion

Paraben Free Lotion | What Is A Paraben Free Lotion?

Paraben free lotion is a lotion that is free of all the Paraben chemical family. These lotions have other chemicals in them as preservatives.

What does paraben free mean ?

Paraben free lotion
Paraben free lotion

Paraben free means that the product does not contain any of the Paraben preservatives.But have other safer preservatives that will also make your product not go bad quickly. However they are known for their ability to also prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and mold in cosmetics and food items. Additionally, these parabens are believed to contain harmful chemicals that might cause damage to your health. Paraben free also means the group or the paraben family of related chemicals that are commonly used as preservatives in cosmetic products are not present in that particular product. 

Paraben pregnancy; Paraben free lotion

48 hour nevea moisturizing lotion for very dry skin.
48 hour nevea moisturizing lotion for very dry skin.

Pregnancy phase is a very delicate phase. Why I say so , is because during this time everything about you is so very different . As your body will be going through so many changes in order to accommodate the new baby. Your senses change, your likes and dislikes also change , your body weight , eating habits , and above all your skin becomes more delicate too. So using products that contain parabens can actually impact all stages of conception. Not only will these parabens impact conception but also before before pregnancy.

Moreover, these chemicals may interfere with your ability to become pregnant. This of all the factors is a very sad one. As studies show further research on these parabens . It was proven that , women who consume higher amounts of parabens have a lower antral follicle count . Which are a measure of egg supply and indicate fertility.Furthermore, Other studies reveal that women with higher paraben levels in their urine;  are most likely to have fewer children than women with lower levels.

Parabens During Pregnancy

Are you pregnant?. If you are pregnant . Then parabens should be a cause for concern for you. Particularly , when it comes to makeup and skin lotions that you use . Parabens are not at all safe for you especially when applied onto your skin for the whole day. As they will be absorbed deep into your skin and finally reaching your unborn baby. Which is very risky, furthermore when certain parabens reach your baby, they will affect your baby’s development while it is still in the womb.However study also shows that pregnant mothers with the highest paraben levels. Had a greater chance of having a preterm birth.

The babies conceived to these mothers had decreased gestational age at birth, lower birth weight, and decreased body length. Furthermore,research goes on to prove that; male children of women exposed to parabens are more likely to develop an ill-functioning reproductive system. Due to high estrogen levels produced by these parabens. On a more serious note the use of these chemicals in all our products should be a major cause of concern amongst all pregnant women.

Safe moisturizer for pregnancy.

In order to resolve this disturbing result from the use of paraben products . You can try and introduce paraben free moisturizer to your powder room and get rid of the-ones that contain these harmful chemicals.As well as using the best moisturizer for pregnant women,wich contains organic components. Hence by doing this , you can quickly address these bothersome results from the use of paraben care products. I have compiled a list below of safe moisturizers that you can use during pregnancy and even after, these include;

  • Cerave moisturizer.
  • Cerave moitiurising cream.
  • SkinCeuticals’ Triple Lipid cream.

Safe lotion for pregnancy

  • First , we have Nivea argan nourish body lotion which is meant for dry to very dry skin.
  • Vaseline  total moisture body lotion.
  • Dove body love light hydration body lotion.
  • Vaseline Aloe fresh.
  • Aroma magic honey and sheer butter body lotion leaves your body moisturized , protected and well nourished. 
  • Vaseline Healthy white.
  • Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion.
  • Vaseline cocoa butter leaves your skin well hydrated and moisturerized.

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