Paraben free shampoo

What Is Paraben In Shampoo

What is paraben in shampoo? ; Parabens are preservatives used in the making of shampoos in order for them to last longer and not go bad fast. 

What are Parabens and Sulfates ? In What is paraben in shampoo. 

Paraben free conditioner and shampoo in What is paraben in shampoo?
Paraben free conditioner and shampoo in What is paraben in shampoo?

In the vein, the FDA defines parabens as “a family of related chemicals that are commonly used as preservatives  particularly in cosmetic products”. In an effort to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and mold. On the other hand sulfates are preservatives  that make a shampoo sudsy. They are another group of preservatives that are also used in the making of cosmetics. Sulfates are a surfactant that is a detergent, emulsifier, or foaming agent.However it is designed to attract both oil and water. 

Best paraben and sulfate free shampoo; Paraben free shampoo. 

  • Raw shea butter moisture shampoo. 
  • Recovery shampoo.
  • Biolage ultra hydrasource shampoo. 
  • Osensia thickening biotin shampoo.
  • Natural pick shampoo
  • Hello Bello shampoo. 
  • Head and shoulders itchy scalp care.
  • Kelsen shampoo. 
  • Shea moisture curl and shine shampoo.
  • Rice amino + shampoo. 
  • Yodi shampoo.
  • Curl charisma shampoo. 
  • Annmarie skin care shampoo.
  • Clean Clean shampoo.
  • Rahua shampoo.
  • Avocado hydrating Shampoo.
  • Retention shampoo.
  • Hairdresser’s invisible oil shampoo.
  • Miracle volumizing shampoo. 
  • Miracle moisture shampoo. 
  • Miracle whipped shampoo. 

You can identify parabens in any of your shampoo products that you want by simply checking on the product. There you will find a list of all the ingredients used to make that particular product. As it is mandated that all cosmetic manufacturers provide a list of all ingredients used in the making of the product. In order for consumers to know what they are buying. However, this recommendation makes it easier for us to identify parabens in all our products. Furthermore, parades usually have one word in common which is the word “paraben” itself. 

Examples of parabens in What is paraben in shampoo, are as follows ; 

Parabens in What is paraben in shampoo?
Parabens in What is paraben in shampoo?
  1. Methylparaben
  2. Butylparaben
  3. Propylparaben
  4. Ethylparaben
  5. Alkyl parahydroxybenzoates

Examples of sulfates are as follows :

Sulfates in What is paraben in shampoo?
Sulfates in What is paraben in shampoo?
  1. Sodium lauroyl Isethionate
  2. Sodium lauryl 
  3. Sodium lauroyl taurate
  4. Sulfate sodium
  5. Sodium Lauryl laureth sulfate 
  6. Sulfoacetate

Paraben and sulfate free shampoo

What is paraben in shampoo as well as sulfate ; These are simply preservatives that work to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and mold in the shampoo. Hence making it last for a longer period of time giving it shelf life. Moreover these paraben and sulfate free shampoos are safe to use as they are not considered potential endocrine disruptors. In addition to this sulfate free formulas are also good in a way because they too also moisturize your skin and cleanses your hair without stripping out natural oils. Interestingly these products help lock in moisture and prevent color from fading off quickly. They are also less likely to irritate your sensitive scalp. 

Why are parabens and sulfates bad ?

Saulfate in What is paraben in shampoo?
Saulfate in What is paraben in shampoo?

Like I mentioned before, parabens are considered a potential endocrine disruptor. Meaning that parabens specifically mimic the activity of the hormone estrogen once this has occurred it means that there are high chances of an interference with estrogen production. If too  much estrogen is produced in the body , it triggers an increase in breast cell division and tumor growth.  And as for sulfates, they are so far considered to be safe  as safe. Unlike parabens that have an effect on your health. Therefore, in order for you to stay safe and healthy . Just do consider switching to a much more healthier lifestyle , by getting these paraben free products for everyday use.

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