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Runny nose medicine is practically helpful when you or your baby gets a cold. Runny nose medicine helps you heal faster and also ease discomfort at the same time getting rid of the pain.In addition, runny nose medicine helps relieve symptoms such as ;

  • Swelling inside your nose.
  • Sinus congestion.
  • Pain.
  • Fever.
  • Sassiness.

What causes a nose to run?

A runny nose is a symptom of inflamed nasal tissues. This occurs when a foreign object enters the nasal passageway ,causing the tissues to become inflamed.  Therefore, when this happens  your body produces excess mucus in your nasal passage , which in turn drives the allergen out of the passageway. When your nose is said to be runny  it means that your nose will be dripping mucus from your nose and from the back of your throat.

In addition to this , a runny nose can also occur with or without nasal congestion. It is, however, caused by inflammation of the lining of your nasal passages. When this happens you will note that you will find it difficult to breathe through the nose. As your nose will be stuffy and congested.  

Reasons why you have a runny or stuffy nose.

  • If you get a viral infection.
  • In other cases, a runny nose may be due to cold weather.
  • Sometimes a runny nose may be due to allergies.
  • Sinusitis. 
  • Playing with cold water.
  • Wearing cold soaked clothes for some time.
  • Additionally a runny nose may be caused by too much dust .

Children’s runny nose medicine.

sick child lying in bed with runny nose medicine
sick child lying in bed with runny nose medicine

Watching your baby have a runny nose is quite a painful sight for you. As nobody ever wants to have a runny nose  later on see their child have it. However it is always a wise move to try and get medicine for your child’s runny nose. Some of them include;

  1. Syrups; Benylin childrens syrup; this one works very well when it comes to relieving runny nose, sore throat, fever,dry cophs, sneezing, aches and pain.
  2. Sprays; ipratropium bromide is also good ,it is a nasal  spray and requires a doctor’s prescription . However it is a spray that you can use on your child to get rid of a stuffy or a runny nose. 
  3. Oral decongestants ; helps to relieve stuffy noses in children as well as ease pain and lessen the runny nose. These include pseudoephedrine and phenylephrine.
  4. Topical decongestants; these are available over the counter. They too just like oral decongestants, also ease pain ,runny nose and congestion .
  5. Children’s tylenol , cold grape flavored liquid; this one tackles your child’s tough multi-symptom cold. That too by temporarily relieving runny noses and headaches as well as quieting coughs if your child is already coughing. 
  6. Drops; try getting saline drops for your child if they have a runny nose . Saline drops help keep your child’s nasal passages moist as well as help loosen mucus in the case of a stuffy nose.
  7. Cough suppressants .
  8. Antihistamines.
  9. Fever reducers.
  10. Multi-symptom cold formulations.

Here are some inexpensive ways in which you can implement in order to avoid infections at home.

Home remedies for runny nose in children.

  • Keep your child clean always as well as all the surfaces clean too . 
  • You can always try to keep your child away from people with colds , or encourage them to avoid close contact with anyone who has it.
  •  Keep your child hydrated by giving them lots of fluids , particularly when dealing with a runny nose. 
  • Serve them hot herbal tea and do away with coffee. 
  • Steam them by making them inhale warm steam from a humidifier or from hot water as doing so will significantly improve mucus buildup. You can do so using any of these herbs; eucalyptus , sage, rosemary , pine, peppermint, pine, spearmint ,tea tree , thyme and essential oils. 
  • Give them a nice hot bath.

Runny nose medicine for adults

A runny nose is no respecter of age . It occurs in anybody at any time, making your eyes watery accompanied by sneezing and of course a running nose alongside pain. Therefore for a quicker relief you can try some over-the-counter antihistamines such as chlorpheniramine and diphenhydramine, like I mentioned earlier . Though they ease these symptoms these  antihistamines can also make you sleepy and dry out your eyes, nose, and mouth. In addition, staying hydrated is always the best way to prevent these symptoms. Drink plenty of liquids, including chicken soup. It can make you feel better.

Infant runny nose medicine

It is not a comfortable scenario when your baby catches a cold. I must say it is so very heartbreaking to see your little one go through it all. From the runny nose to the fussiness and sleepless nights.  Fortunately , all these symptoms can be dealt with by using infant runny nose medications . Which vary from sprays to the good old traditional syrups. But before you try these medicines for infants you need to try out natural home remedies to help soothe the symptoms.

natural herbal tea
natural herbal tea

These natural remedies involve ; 

  • Bathing your baby in warm water .
  • Sitting and relaxing with your baby in a steamy bathroom in an effort to ease.
  • You can do this while holding your baby outside the shower so that the water does cause any further discomforts to your baby. 
  • However you need to try and identify any allergies that your baby has. 
  • Be it from the dust in the house to the pollen in the outdoors .All this has to be noted so that you can take care of your baby well and avoid runny nose situations.
  • Keep your baby away from anything that they are showing signs of any allergic reactions.
  • Have your house cleaned at all times particularly in your baby’s nursery.
  • Humidifiers are also as good as steaming , you can also add moisture to the air around your house, by using a humidifier.
  • Give your baby a lot of fluids, because hydration is very important.
  • Train your baby to wash their hands thoroughly, and sanitize often in order to minimize bacterial infections. 

Runny nose medicine for babies

To help your baby to stay healthy you have got to keep his or surroundings clean. Additionally , keeping your hands clean all the time before handling your baby will also reduce chances of passing down harmful bacteria to your baby. Particularly in cases when you as the nursing mother happen to catch a cold. You however need to try and wear a mask always around your baby ;because you do not want to infect your little one as well. Just like with all age groups, if your baby is breastfeeding , and has a runny nose . You need to feed them more in order to keep them hydrated.

If they are on solids you can offer them a variety of fluids including water as well as a warm cup of herbal tea. Sometimes keeping your baby away from all the major causes of a runny might not really work out for you . Since some factors will be entirely out of your control. Things such as rapid temperature changes ,smoke ,fragrances ,tree pollen, dust mites, grass ,weeds and mold. You can try and reach out to your doctor and get prescribed medicine for your baby.

Runny nose medicine for babies

  • Sniffles and sneezes by Hylands. 
  • Cold and mucus  by Hylands.
  • Cold, cough and runny nose Tylenol.
  • Kids runny noses by Ivykids
  • Daytime and nighttime Multi Symptoms by Mucinex children.

Runny nose medicine for toddlers

Stuffy or runny nose in toddlers is also known as Chronic rhinorrhea. Which in simpler terms , means that there is fluid draining from your baby’s nose. The fluid however ranges in color , from clear to a thick light green consistency and color. This Chronic rhinorrhea , gets your toddler feeling unwell and of course with a runny nose all day. Though toddlers might just want to continue playing and running around with a drooling nose all day. Trouble finally catches up with them and you included in the night time. Again just like in babies there are many things that also cause constant runny noses in toddlers as well. From foreign bodies in the nose, colds, flu, congenital septal deviations ,nasal polyps enlarged adenoids sinus infections, allergic or non-allergic rhinitis, enlarged turbinates’, choanal atresia to nasal cysts/tumors.

Runny nose medicine for toddlers

In order to help ease cold discomfort on your toddle you need to ;

  • Run a cool-mist humidifier to increase air moisture around the house. 
  • Give them a good and relaxing warm bath. 
  • Steam their face at least twice a day. 
  • Additionally, also try running a hot shower in the bathroom until the room is filled with steam ,and ten relax in there with your toddler.
  • Dab petroleum jelly on the skin under the nose,under his or her armpits underneath their feet and in their plums for a good soothe.
  • Prepare and serve your toddler something warm to drink preferably some hot chicken soup , tea, or herbal tea. 
  • Give your toddler more fluids to drink than usual as well as water. In order to keep them hydrated and to replace the fluids lost during a fever ,runny nose as well as from mucus production.

Call the Doctor when;

  • You realize that your child is more tired than usual. 
  • Your toddler coughs up a lot of mucus and you immediately realize that they are running short of breath. 
  • The baby is no longer feeding well. 
  • Your child is complaining of pain in the throat during eating. You notice that your baby has a fever.
  • Has chest or stomach pain.

Stop runny nose medicine

  1. Over-the-counter antihistamines such as chlorpheniramine and diphenhydramine block this process and can relieve those symptoms. 
  2. Nasal strips can also help you breathe easier, since they can enlarge nasal passages while you wear them.
  3. Try traditional home remedies listed in the article above.
medicine for runny nose and thermometer.
medicine for runny nose and thermometer.

Table of medicine to stop runny nose.

SymptomsBrand Drug name
Stuffy noseSudafedSuphedrine PEPseudoephedrine.Phenylephrine.
Sinus headache AdvilAleveIbuprofen.Naproxen.
Fever and achesAdvilNeoprofenTylenolIbuprofen.Naproxen.Acetaminophen.
Runny nose,and  stuffinessChildren’s TylenolAcetaminophen.
Runny noseBenadrylDiphenhydramine.
Sore throat and coughingDelsym 12-hourTussin Cough (DM only)Dextromethorphan.
Allergies Runny noseWatery eyes Itchy throat and noseClaritinAntihistamine.Loratadine.
Allergies Runny noseWatery eyes Itchy throat and noseH.E.BLevocetirizine.Dihydrochloride.Antihistamine.
ColdsAllergiesSinus painRunny noseNasal congestionSneezingAdvilGoodsenseZyrtecBenadrylDiphenhydramine.Antihistamine.Analgesic.
ColdsAllergiesTop CareChlorpheniramine.Antihistamine.
Table of medicine to stop runny nose in Runny nose medicine

Dry up runny nose medicine

To dry your runny nose try to get medicine as quickly as possible. 

Try the following medications;

  • Antihistamines .
  • Sedating antihistamines like brompheniramine, chlorpheniramine, or diphenhydramine by Benadryl.
  • Cold medicines, like NyQuil™ SEVERE.
  • Multi-symptom products .

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