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Infant activity center are vital for your baby’s physical, social and mental development. We will try to give you Infant activity ideas that are often implemented in Infant activity centers ; to help practice at home with your little ones.

Why do I need to introduce baby activity center ideas ?

baby playing with blocks in infant activity ideas
baby playing with blocks in infant activity center ideas

Your baby has undergone a lot of physical development and ,they will continue to experience a lot more physical, mental, emotional and social changes as they grow older each day. This is why you need to introduce some infant activity center ideas to your baby’s schedule in order to facilitate developmental momentous milestones. Unlike giving you troubles with bath time, here your baby will love being active .

As they are already keen and interested in understanding and exploring the world around him or her. Hence this won’t be difficult for you at all. Again , babies are well know to be very intelligent little beings. Because of this, they tend to learn and adopt more through experience and exposure. Introducing these various infant activities will give your baby a new experience and exposure to different sensations and sensations.

What are some easy baby activities?

Having a baby around brings joy and comfort. Not to mention the way they just kill loneliness, it is just amazing having these little ones around you . Additionally, for these little ones having fun ,learning and exploring is actually their domain. However, you can try introducing some easy baby activities for them to make life even more fun for them;

Baby fun infant activity center ideas to play at home.

Container play;

Here you place a few toys in a safe plastic container with an opening a bit bigger than balls, pegs or other smaller items. Then you hand the container over to your baby. Show them how to turn it over , show them how toys will tumble out; you can start by shaking, banging, and reaching inside the container. Then let them try it on their own. As they do not have any idea what you want them to do with the container. As the first thing that they will always have in mind is to put that container straight into their mouths. When your baby sees you doing this along with him he or she will imitate exactly what you where doing then you know the fun has begun.

Baggy finger painting; In Infant activity center ideas

Baby hands full of waterpaint; in baby activity center ideas.
Baby hands full of waterpaint; in baby activity center ideas.

This painting game is one of the little ones favorite games ,as they love getting themselves all messy. You will need some washable finger paint a gallon sized zippered freezer bag and tape. Squeeze a couple of dark colors of washable finger paint into a zippered baggy and seal tightly. Add duct tape for extra security. Spread the paint around to coat the inside of the bag, then place it on the floor in front of your baby during tummy time. And show him or her how to make marks on the outside of the bag with his hand or finger.

Ping pong;

Make a sorter with ping pong balls and a yogurt container. Then cut out an opening in a container, slightly larger than the size of a ping pong ball. Show your baby how to play the game as it is their first time playing it. Show the little one , how to get the colorful ball into the container. This game is very good as it helps your baby to develop hand and eye coordination.

Throw ping pong balls into a box;

This one is yet another activity that you can also do with ping pong balls. However, the aim with this game here is to get balls inside a box. Thus by aiming and throwing the balls into a bigger box.

Paint with water paint; In Infant activity center ideas

Get your baby some paper ,washable water paint and able paint brushes. Allow them scribble and paint on their space. As this is so much fun for them. In addition, this activity will help them realize that painting is done on paper and not on your walls.

Animal feeding With pom-pom ;

infant activity center ideas books.
infant activity center ideas books.

It is good to use different sensory materials for sorting purposes; so kids can learn to handle different types of objects. However , pom-poms are great for sorting because besides practicing pincer grip. Your baby also has to push them through a container with a neatly and safely trimmed opening in a sorter.

Hide a toy under a blanket: Infant activity center ideas

Babies love anything do with hiding and then reappearing before their faces. In the hide a toy under a blanket ,you simply hide a toy underneath a light blanket . Be it a cloth , a sheet or any light blanket. Let your baby try to find whatever you put under. When he or she finds it, replace with another toy. And so forth until you decide to stop.

Make a playhouse using cardboard ;

Babies love playing house, infect they anything to do with crawling into an enclosed space. So turning a cardboard into a playhouse would do them justice as it is so much fun for them. However, when you have done this you need to keep a close eye on your child as he or she plays in the cardboard house. Or simply make up some time to play with them.

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