Toddler Shoe Size Chart

Toddler shoe size chart helps you know your baby’s shoe size. Hence helping you to buy the best for your little one.

Baby shoe size chart inches.

toddler shoes ;Toddler shoe size chart
toddler shoes ;Toddler shoe size chart

Everything you need to keep pace with your growing tots, from helpful size charts and fit tips to an at-home foot-measuring guide. However, measuring your kid’s feet is pretty straightforward, and there are a few ways to do it. Firstly, trace your baby’s feet. On a blank piece of paper with a marker using a ribbon and then measuring with a ruler. Likewise, measure the length, by having your child step away from the paper. In the same way,measure the length from the heel to the tallest point on the big toe. Also,write the results down and mark them as length. Then go for the width. Further, using a reborn wrap it around the broadest part of your child’s foot (the ball).

Furthermore, mark where the end of the ribbon touches. And then measure the length from the end of the ribbon to the mark. Then finally , use your measurements with the help of your guide to find the appropriate size.

How much bigger should I buy toddler shoes?

Toddler shoes on display;Toddler shoe size chart.
Toddler shoes on display;Toddler shoe size chart.

Mostly ,toddlers are flat-footed when they first start walking, because the bones, muscles and ligaments of their feet are underdeveloped. Therefore, toddlers should go barefooted as much as possible in order to encourage balance, posture and coordination.

How do I choose my toddler’s shoes?

Firstly, make sure they fit your baby comfortably.
Secondly, check for flexibility. And the shoes must be of a flat sole ,that can enable the baby to bend near the sole. Thirdly, make sure the shoes are not pitchy thus check if they leave plenty of room for the toes. Additionally, get shoes that have the front wider than the heel, to match the natural shape of the foot. Finally, make sure the shoes have a solid heal counter.

Baby Shoe Size Chart (0 to 12 Months)

0.5 1603.25 inches8.3 centimeters
1 160.53.5 inches8.9 centimeters
1.5 17 1 3.625 inches 9.2 centimeters
2 1713.75 inches9.5 centimeters
2.5 181.5 4 inches 10.2 centimeters
3 1824.125 inches10.5 centimeters
3.5 192.54.25 inches10.8 centimeters
4 1934.5 inches11.4 centimeters
4.5 203.53.625 inches11.7 centimeters
5 2044.75 inches 12.1 centimeters

Toddler shoe size chart (One to Five Years)

U.S. Euro UK Inches CM
5.5214.55 inches12.7 centimeters
6 2255.125 inches13 centimeters
6.5 225.55.25 inches13.3 centimeters
7 2365.5 inches14 centimeters
7.5 236.55.625 inches14.3 centimeters
8 2475.75 inches14.6 centimeters
8.5 257.56 inches15.2 centimeters
9 2586.125 inches15.6 centimeters
9.5 268.56.25 inches15.9 centimeters
10 2796.5 inches16.5 centimeters
10.5 279.56.625 inches16.8 centimeters
11 28106.75 inches17.1 centimeters
11.5 2910.57 inches17.8 centimeters
12 30 117.125 inches18.1 centimeters

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