How To Trim Baby Hair

How to trim baby hair; first of all make sure that your baby is in a good mood, well fed and stable. Prepare your baby bath water and some toys ; to create a familiar and comfortable environment for your baby. And to help make the experience less scary for your baby.

Ten easy steps on how to trim your baby’s hair.

Mother giving a baby a hair cut; how to trim baby hair.
Mother giving a baby a hair cut; how to trim baby hair.

How to trim baby hair will be more simpler for after going through our simple well explained easy steps to achieving a safe and successful hair cut. In addition to this, always bare in mind that you can only trim baby’s hair; on a baby who can now sit up straight on their own. Babies from the age of at least a year are safer to work on rather than the younger ones. This is so because you need to avoid any possibility of an accident.

When you now have a happy baby as mentioned above. I think getting started would be a good idea.

How to trim baby hair step one;

Baby taking a bath;
Baby taking a bath;

Start off by dampening your baby’s hair with water . If your baby is my baby type that do not like water on their heads. Just try getting their head wet, by misting their hair with water in a spray bottle instead. Alternatively, if you do not have a spray bottle; you can dampen their hair with wet fingers or a wet washcloth.

Step number two.

Secondly, using a comb, divide your baby’s hair into sections about 2 inches wide. Then secure each section gently with a hair elastic, to avoid tangling of hair, which will end up covering your decided sections. Making you start all over again which will become pretty tiring for the baby.

Number three : How to trim baby hair.

Thirdly, section out a vertical section of hair and pinch it between your fingers. Make a V-shape with your index finger ; and middle finger, as close to the head as possible. Such that your fingers will create a buffer between the scissors and your baby’s head. The section of hair should be going top-to-bottom, not side-to-side. It should be the width of your fingers.

Step number four.

Moreover, cut the hair sticking out above your pinched fingers. Never cut the hair below your fingers, as you may hurt your baby or trim shorter than you intended. Always keep your fingers between the scissors and your baby’s head.

Number five ;

In addition, use a hairdressing scissors, to cut your baby’s hair to As it is sharp, easy and faster . Using a blank scissors will not only damage your baby’s hair ; but will make the process painful for your baby. Since you will end up pulling your baby’s hair in an effort to get the job done.

How to cut baby’s hair, step six.

For the most part, work your way around your baby’s head cutting vertical sections of hair. The thickness of your fingers will ensure that you are cutting the same length throughout. Working from the back first towards the sides then finishing off with the top and the front.

Step seven:

However, this is the trickiest part when it comes to cutting baby hair. As the ear area is highly sensitive; and babies are most likely to make movements. Nevertheless, try to carefully trim the hair around the ears. By gently pinching the hair in small sections between your fingers like before, then snip the excess hair off. Angling your fingers to follow the curve of the ear.

Number eight:

Make sure that you always work quickly, taking advantage of any pauses. Before your baby decides that they no longer want to remain in that position.

Step number nine;

baby bathing in how to trim baby hair.
baby bathing in how to trim baby hair.

When all the hair is fully shaved, finish off with a regular bath. Using your baby’s regular bath products. In order to get rid of any stray hairs from the trimming process.

Finally, step number ten;

Gently pat dry your baby’s hair with a dry soft cotton towel. Thereafter, comb your baby’s hair with a soft brush hair brush. And moisturize it with a good and friendly moisturizer.

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