Cutting Baby Hair Superstition

Cutting baby hair superstition, can be very confusing and uncomfortable for you as a hair lover. As they require you to cut your newborn’s hair; when you still want to hang on to it.

Cutting baby hair a taboo.

Books catching fire; in cutting baby hair superstitions.
Books catching fire; in cutting baby hair superstitions.

Absolutely nothing dubious will happen to you or to your baby ; if you don’t cut their first hair. Actually, it comes with a good feeling to it if you don’t cut it but keep it instead. You will realize that your baby’s hair will grow fast. And it will be healthy, thick , of a silky soft texture and with a beautiful rich colour. When I had my baby , I never cut her hair ; because I am a hair lover. I kept her hair all the way and cared for it . Her hair didn’t show big sighs of shedding or breaking . As I kept it well moisturized. Now my baby girl is 23 months old and still has her full share of healthy , clean curly hair.

Light at the end of a tunnel; Cutting baby hair superstition
Light at the end of a tunnel; Cutting baby hair superstition

If you don’t cut your baby’s hair this is what happens;
Your baby’s hair will grow longer and fully cover the baby’s head; hence, it will help keep the baby warm as that baby hair will help regulate their body temperature through their head. Your baby will stay healthy all the way, with no record of catching colds and flu. Not cutting your baby’s hair keeps them safe from the danger of unexpected hair cutting accidents . Such as, the danger of being exposed to sharp objects at a tender age.

What happens if I cut my newborn baby’s hair.

Baby girl sitting down;Cutting baby hair superstition
Baby girl sitting down;Cutting baby hair superstition

Because you have cut your baby’s hair . In most vases your baby’s hair will struggle to grow. Growth rate will be very slow , however you will have to put very extra effort for it grow back faster. Removing your newborn baby’s hair will leave them exposed to the cold ; and most likely to get ill all the time. As cutting their hair will only put them at risk of loosing their body heat particularly in cold weather. Exposing your baby to early haircuts , actually traumatizes them . As it is not good to experience sharp objects and electric clippers ; right close to their skin. The hard truth is cutting your baby’s hair will not encourage health and success in babies. But, will actually cause baby illnesses.

When should I cut my baby’s hair?; Cutting baby hair superstition.

Particularly, under normal circumstances , it is reasonable to cut your baby’s hair. Especially when it is necessary to do so . Or when you both as parents have decided not to keep baby hair. However you can also trim your baby’s hair when it is growing too fast and getting into their eyes. As well as for medical reasons such as ; when your baby’s has cradle cap and no other remedies are working. Further more , if you are a person who is into family tradition; you can go ahead and cut your baby’s hair. Whatever your reasons might be . Also ,bearing in mind that you have to try and make sure that the process goes smoothly without affecting your baby. Nevertheless, cutting newborn baby hair is not recommended. Until your baby is fully grown and can sit up straight on their own.

Cutting baby hair superstitions; why they say you must cut baby hair.

Hair clippers
hair clippers

Some say if you don’t cut your baby’s hair ; your baby will grow a big head. That your baby will get sick then eventually get a big head after. In some traditions they say that if you don’t cut your baby’s first hair . Your baby will always be skinny because all nutrients are going towards hair growth. Others believe that not cutting your baby hair will cause it to grow thinner and break. And that cutting it will make it grow back faster and fuller. While others do it for religious and cultural reasons.

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