Best Formula For Transition From Breast Milk

Best formula for transition from breast milk is usually a good kick off . As you want your baby to feel like they are still on breast milk just like before . You will realize that your baby grows very fond of breast milk. Because, it was the first food they had since birth so you might need to be careful when making a switch to formula for them.

Best formula for transition from breast milk.

As a nursing mother it is always best to wean your baby off breast milk; when you are fully ready. This is so , because you do not have to beat yourself up afterwards or during the process as to why you did it.


You might need to consider a partial switch : Here you will be trying to introduce or make changes to your baby bit by bit. At least two weeks in advance. So that your baby can get used to and adjust to formula milk as well. However, you will need to reduce the number of breast feeds that you normally give to your baby . At least 2 or 3 cuts a day; and start to introduce formula. your baby a bottle once a day. Give your baby some time to get used to the single bottle-feeding. And then gradually introduce two bottles per day. However, this will not just benefit your baby . But, you as well as the process will help your breasts to gradually adjust without you experiencing a lot of gorging .


Is the gradual weaning strategy. This method of weaning is a bit similar to the first one . Only that in this one , you will be dropping one breastfeeding session per day replacing it with a bottle of formula milk. Also making sure that you reduce on the number of breast milk feeds. In the same vein, you can help your baby get used to formula by giving her formula mixed with breast milk. Particularly if your baby is the type that refuses almost everything else but breastmilk. Alternating feeding with formula and then breast milk is an option too. However, when mixing breast milk and formula. Make sure to add the required amount of water to make formula from powderpuff or concentrated liquid before you mix with breast milk.


Is the  complete cold turkey switch. Though it works , most mother’s do not favor it a lot . Even for me, I think it’s bit more brutal on both the baby and me. Unless you have to do it , due to many reasons like medical or work related . Switching by cold turkey method however, is also effective, as it requires you totally stop breastfeeding and offer your baby formula milk.

When you go for this method , it is wise and helpful to have someone else feed your baby formula. As this encourages your baby to drink more of the milk unlike if you do it yourself. Because, they will always fuss for breast milk from you ; as they can smell the scent of breast milk on you. Making the whole process difficult.

Best formula for transition from breast milk.

Best formula for transition from breast milk/ milk in a jar.
Best formula for transition from breast milk/ milk in a jar.

The best formula for transition from breast milk so far ; is usingu a powdered formula milk type . And when it comes to the brand ,use the one that your baby likes the most. It is not advisable to introduce solid foods to your just weaned baby and just water. Your baby still needs to maintain  that milk intake until they choose to drop milk and switchBest formula for transition from breast milk to a fluid of their choice.

How to take care of myself when weaning;

in Best formula for transition from breast milk.

Focusing on your baby during weaning is great; but we need not neglect ourselves as nursing mothers. So we need to do it safe.

,Best formula brands for transition from breast milk.,

Ultimately, every parent would want to choose a formula that mimics breastmilk. You need to buy non GMO formulas, as these are highly nutritious, and have flavor and texture that is close to breast milk. However, it supports the baby’s immune system and intestinal development.  brands are , just to mention but a few;

  1. Enfamil Enspire Infant Formula .
  2. Similac infant formula.
  3. Earth’s best infant formula.
  4. Happy baby infant formula.

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