Why Does My Poop Smell Like Baby Poop? | Postpartum stool.

Why does my poop smell like baby poop? Your poop as a nursing mother who has just given birth; will be smelling like that of your baby or even worse. Thus from the time you give birth up to about 6 weeks. When this happens, do not be alarmed ; as this is very common. This stage is known as the postpartum phase. Which simply means time after birth.

During this period after childbirth a lot of mothers experience different kinds of emotions . Like, feeling sad and empty amongst many others within the first few days of giving birth. However, in these first few hours and days after childbirth. You will experience some changes too, both emotionally and physically. One of the examples include difficulties in anticipating bowel movement. Together with frequent constipation. The first postpartum poop, comes in the first two to three days after delivery or even sooner than that.

Why does my poop smell like baby stool after giving birth?

Baby lying on bed in Why does my poop smell like baby poop?
Baby lying on bed in Why does my poop smell like baby poop?

After giving birth, you will realize that your bowel will appear sluggish most of the time. And the odor will vary from person to person. Some smell just like your baby’s stool while, some have a sweet smell. With some smelling very badly. Do not worry, the stink will eventually subside. However, these bowel movements are often due to stretched muscles, a sore perineum or side effects of some of the pain killer medications. However, whenever you feel you are not comfortable with what is happening to you ; it is best to consult your care giver for professional advise.
Postpartum poop
Is it normal to be constipated and release gas that smells like baby poop?

Is it normal to be constipated and release gas that smells like baby poop?

A lot of changes occur after you give birth to a baby. Christine Masterson, chief of the women and children’s service line at Summit Medical Group in New Jersey, says that pooping problems are common among postpartum women.

Furthermore, she explains that organs will be shifting back to their usual spot, hormones fluctuating, and the uterus also shrinking back to its normal size. Also a change in the digestive system. All of these factors can cause bowel movements problems. Hence, affecting postpartum bowel movements, including hormones.

In her explanation she further quotes that “what you are eating, and how much you are drinking,” is also a contributing factor. As well as, “Infection, a virus, or a reaction to antibiotics used in the hospital. I love the fact that she also mentioned that postpartum poop problems are normal and will fade away within a short time ,so you do not have to worry a lot about the phase.

What affects postpartum bowel movement.

Postpartum bowel movements are affected by a number of factors as I mentioned above, just to express on them again ;

  • Firstly, hormonal changes or imbalances.
  • Secondly, imbalanced diet.
  • Thirdly, little or no fluids intake.
  • Forth viruses and infections.
  • Lastly, reaction to antibiotics.

Treating postpartum poop problems at home.

Try these few home remedies for improved bowel movement;

  1. Try eating more prunes, prune juice, oatmeal, grape juice, apples or peas, leafy greens, bran, melon, dried fruit, and nuts.
  2. Wean yourself off supplements and start taking foods rich in iron.
  3. Avoid fatty , greasy and oily foods.
  4. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water to prevent constipation.
  5. Include fruits and vegetables to your diet.
  6. Stool softeners are considered safe to use while breastfeeding, with the supervision of your doctor you can give it a go.
  7. Exercise is another way, though it is a bit difficult to find time to do so . Since you have a new baby to look after most of the time ; but finding a bit if time to just do a few exercises will do you good.
  8. Perform some self-acupuncture on the perineum to help ease constipation.

Three types of postpartum stools.

Typically, bowel movements are a standard issue the stool colour varies from light to dark brown in color, according to Medicine Net;

Why does my poop smell like baby poop?

Very dark or black poop.

This type of stool happens when ,the mother was taking pepto-bismol for their tummy.

Green poop.

New mothers get this shamrock shade of green stool when they have been taking iron supplements during their pregnancy.

Red stool.

This colour of stool occurs when jell- O was taken during labor. This results in a reddish stool.

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