Castor Oil For Baby Constipation:Castor Oil For Constipation.

Castor oil for baby constipation is an effective and fast action natural ingredient.Thus the refined type of castor oil. You can also use castor oil for other things as well apart from treating constipation. Castor oil is manufactured by extracting ricinolein which is found in the seeds of the castor plants. The seeds of castor contain ricin, which is a toxin or a poison that makes unprocessed castor oil inedible. You will learn as we go that the refined or processed castor oil is free of this toxin . This type of oil contains a good percentage of vegetable oil ; which can be used for acne, hair growth, and as a laxative to ease constipation in adults.

Properties of Castor Oil.

Castor oil seeds.
Castor oil seeds.

Like I mentioned above, castor oil has a wife variety of uses including relieving in babies. However, I addition to that castor oil can be used for therapeutic and medicinal purposes .This type of special oil is most yellow in colour. With considerably high amounts of fatty acids. However, castor oil has anti-inflammatory, bacterial, and anti-fungal properties. nd can be used to induce labor. Hence makes it very beneficial to you and me.

Is it safe to use castor oil for babies?.

Castor oil in baby spoon
Castor oil in baby spoon.

According to FDA and the US Food and Drug Administration has categorized castor oil as GRAS. Meaning that, it has been generally recognized as safe and effective stimulant laxative. For safety measures. I advise you to use castor oil for your baby after consulting your pediatrician. However, I know of a couple of ways in which castor oil has been traditionally used for babies.

Castor oil as a remedy for easing constipation in babiconstipation in babies.

Castor oil for baby constipation neatly bottled in sealed container.

Thanks to FDA and US Food and Drug Administration. Castor oil is now officially safe to use for treating constipation in babies. Though, it is important that you take due precautions while using it on your baby.

Gentle massages using castor oil for baby constipation.

Mother massaging baby with castor oil for baby constipation.
Mother massaging baby with castor oil for baby constipation.

Using castor oil; gently massage your littles ones belly .Using your fingertips ;(make sure your nails are short and neatly trimmed) in a clockwise direction in small circles in order to help relax his or her bowels. Second, Warm up a bottle of castor oil by placing it in a hot water bath. Once the oil is moderately warm to touch, you can use it to massage the baby’s abdomen. Thus by rubbing it in your hands first just to attain a little bit more heat. Then lastly, gently massage your baby’s abdomen and leave the oil overnight for best results. Try not to overdo it because baby skin is delicate and you don’t want to hurt them in any way.

Benefits of using castor oil.

Castor oil for baby constipation in a bowl; neatly garnished with fresh mint leaves.
Castor oil for baby constipation in a bowl; neatly garnished with fresh mint leaves.

There are many benefits of using castor oil; If used correctly. Castor oil can help relieve your baby of many apparent skin and health problems. It can heal sensitive or broken skin, since it is soft and delicate as well as promote your baby’s hair growth. Castor oil is also a great moisturizer that helps keep your baby’s skin smooth and supple. However, it can be used treating warts ,colic and blemishes. If your baby gets frequent sun burns and diaper rashes you can try applying castor oil around the area; as it will provide relief from the pain associated with the rash.
Applying castor oil on to the baby’s skin can provide relief from sunburns too. It can also be used to cure problems like eczema, which is common in babies.

NB: oral consumption of castor oil is dangerous for your baby .Do consult your pediatrician for professional advice before using it on your baby.

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