How Often Should I Bathe My Newborn baby?

How often should I bathe my newborn baby ; often newborns do not need a bath every day. Rather a total of 2 to 3 baths a week . Since babies rarely sweat or get dirty they do not need to get a full bath every day; doing so makes your baby’s skin dry.

How long should you not bathe a newborn?

newborn baby bathing
bathing newborn baby.

The World Health Organization advises that you delay bathing your baby for 8-24 hours and up to 48 hours if the baby was delivered by caesarian section. Then after ,you can always start off by doing “topping and tailing “ on your baby thus after the recommended period; this is done by washing clean their face, neck, hands and bottom carefully.

How often should I bathe my newborn?

Waiting eight to twenty-four hours until you give your baby his or her first bath; and up to 48 hours if the baby was delivered by caesarian section. Answers the question “how often should I bathe my newborn baby?”. I must say that this; is a must do protocol then after you can start bathing your baby about 2 to 3 times a week. It is utterly healthy to give your baby his or her fist bath after this stipulated time frame.

Reasons why I should bathe my baby after 8-24 hours and 48 if by cesarean.

Newborn baby sleeping on a bed.
Newborn baby sleeping on a bed.

Delayed bathing is not only healthy but;

1. The safest medical choice for babies.
2. Reduced risk of infection.
3. In the first few hours after birth, a baby has to use a lot of energy to keep warm. If a baby gets too cold, he or she can drop their blood sugar or have other complications.
4. Giving your newborn baby a bath too soon can cause hypothermia and low blood sugar. Thus, given that you have decided to bathe your baby too soon. The baby will not only cry but get stressed. When this happens the baby’s body will release a lot of stress hormones; causing your baby’s blood sugar to drop. Which in turn makes your baby to fall asleep; only to wake up and breastfeed. This is not a god thing as it will cause, your baby’s blood sugar to drop even more.

Best time of day to bath baby.

How often should I bathe my newborn baby?

Generally there is no stipulated time for bathing your baby. However, you can bath your baby at any time of the day. But , what is important is to choose a good time when you are free . I would advise that you go for the morning bathe routine as it makes up time for both the baby and you .
Why I say this is because; babies in general are not yet old enough to be able to regulate their body temperature well. Hence, If your baby feels cold, he or she will not enjoy his or her bath. However, bathing your newborn baby in the morning is considerably a safer option. In addition, bathing your newborn in the morning has many benefits for both the baby and the parent. Because, when you bathe your baby at this time; it allows him or her to get warmer as the day progresses.

Is it ok to wake up my baby for a bath?

Sleeping baby
baby sleeping

Though there are also absolute no-no’s when it comes to waking the baby from his or her beautiful sleep. Particularly , when your baby does not have constant sleep time routine . And also when your baby takes longer to fall asleep . I would suggest that you only bathe them when they are awake. Just to allow them to get enough and as much sleep as possible.

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