How To Make Baby Hair Grow Thicker

How to make baby hair grow thicker ; You do this by applying coconut oil. Brush your baby’s hair with a soft brush; not forgetting to work on the scalp in order to remove cradle cap. In addition shampooing and conditioning your baby’s hair is also a major contributor. However, not forgetting to use soft towel to dry your baby’s hair ; avoid using hair dryers on your baby’s hair because, they only make your baby’s hair thinner. Above all , maintain a healthy diet. Serve your baby food that is healthy that promotes rapid hair growth. All this is possible and can be done easily in the comfort of your home.


no sign in How to make baby hair grow thicker
no sign in How to make baby hair grow thicker

1. Try not to use strong hair shampoos and conditioners on your baby. Only get gentle baby hair shampoo s and conditioners. 2. Avoid using electrical hair dryers On your baby’s hair. As they tend to leave your baby’s hair thin and vulnerable. 3. Avoid using hard dry towels to dry your baby’s hair as this tends to cause hair breakage. 4. Try not to keep your baby’s scalp dry and the hair too. 5. Avoid over styling your baby’s hair. 6. Do not wash your baby’s hair everyday. 7. Avoid tight hats on your baby’s head. 8. Do not shave your baby’s hair thinking thicker and fuller hair will grow. Because, once you give birth to your baby ;your baby does not form any new follicles.


Tick sign in How to make baby hair grow thicker
Tick sign in How to make baby hair grow thicker

1. Massage your baby’s scalp from time to time in order to improve blood circulation on the scalp and also to improve hair growth . 2. Apply hair oil and good friendly moisturizers to keep it soft and thick. 3. Use a soft brush to gently remove cradle cap off your baby’s scalp. In order to allow easy new hair growth. 4. Style your baby’s hair once or twice a week . Or even just combing it and leaving it like that. 5. Use a soft towel to dry Your baby’s hair.

How to make baby hair grow thicker.

Baby with thin hair in How to make baby hair grow thicker
Baby with thin hair in How to make baby hair grow thicker

Here are some ideas that you can implement in order to boost your baby’s hair growth; and also to make your baby’s hair thicker than usual;

Firstly, try to eliminate a dry scalp. This is made possible by you applying a gentle moisturizer to your baby’s hair.

Secondly, eating healthy a healthy balanced diet for babies that are 6 months and above.

Thirdly, wash your baby’s hair with a good shampoo and conditioner to keep it clean always .

Lastly, not forgetting to remove the dry skin and cradle cap.

Why are my baby hairs so thin? In How to make baby hair grow thicker

Your baby’s can be thin mostly due to a number of factors, such as ; genetics, the environment they are in ,the way you care for your baby’s hair. However, it also has been discovered that baby hair texture changes over ; as they grow older. Non the less, it is not something to worry about a lot because, it is normal for your baby’s hair to change in this manner. As babies who are born with curly or wavy locks, can have their hair change texture to thin soft and straight or very curly hair. On the other hand babies who come with very soft, silky hair texture; they too in turn as they grow up, their hair tends to become coarser and curlier. This is because your baby’s hair follicles will still be immature until about age 8 or 9.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP); most babies lose some or even all of their hair in the first few months of life. And it’s completely normal. This hair loss is called alopecia, and in babies it can have several triggers, from hormones to sleeping position.

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