Baby solid food.

Quick And Easy To Make Thick Textured Organic Foods For Your Baby.

Introducing a variety of foods that are easy and quick to make to the baby’s recipe; at this stage enriches your baby’s health hence making your baby menu longer. By so doing you help yourself discover your baby’s likes and dislikes. Above all encourage healthy eating habits by adding a variety of baby foods to the menu. Which are easy and quick to prepare.

As your baby grows older this routine helps your baby not to be picky and choosy as they grow up. If this point is successfully implemented by you, all foods will be a go for your child.

Specialists advise that babies should be fed bottled milk at least four times a day; depending on how much your baby can take.

Let your baby self-feed as it is quick and convenient.

Self feeding baby ,baby drinking milk comfortably lying down on a sofa.
Self-feeding baby, baby drinking milk comfortably lying down on a sofa.

At this stage, babies are clever enough to realise how much they have been missing out on. As their focus and attention are all over the place. Everything they touch and see they just think it’s food and that it belongs in the mouth.
Whenever you try to feed them. They frequently push the spoon away or move their mouth away from the spoon acting like they are all full.

Like all other quick baby recipes, thick textured organic food recipes too, are quick and easy to make.
As you introduce thickly textured foods to your baby’s diet. You are encouraged to allow him or her to self-feed rather than spoon-feed.

Most of the times when you see them act like this. Do not assume they are full and take the food away. Try entertaining the baby by making them giggle and bit, then feed them at that moment. You will realize that they will actually eat more than you expected them to.

Quick and easy ideas of storing mothers milk for later use.

Having weaned your baby off breast milk. Remember at this stage mothers breast milk is still an important food to the baby’s diet.

Electronic baby milk breast pumps.

Electronic breast pump kit
Electronic breast pump kit

I personally suggest that you pump up milk from your breast for later use. So as to avoid pumping each time you feed the baby.

Breast milk pumping is easy and quick to do. It can be done using a breast pump. It is up to you to choose which one you prefer; a manual one or an electronic one.
However, pumps make life easier for you, as they are convenient and quick to use. Though it is a bit painful in the first few days of pumping. Do not worry at the pain will get lesser with time…

The kit usually comes with storage bags to store your milk in.

It is wise to have some milk set aside for the baby. Since the baby is used to taking breast milk. Mothers milk makes your baby healthier, smarter and stronger each day. So we might want to keep in our little baby’s menu

At this stage of weaning. Your baby is most likely to be able to sit, in a feeding chair and self-feed. This alone gives you a good feeling that your little baby is growing, it gets interesting. Less work for you as you can sit and eat your own food. Watching your baby help himself digging into the food.

Reusable easy and quick squeeze storage packs.

If there are any leftovers. I would advise you to store the food away for later use; because babies around this age, normally eat very little amounts of food. So having it stored away for later use is an option, so as to avoid wasting food and going off-budget.

Quick and easy to use reusable food storage squeeze bags
Quick and easy to use reusable food storage squeeze bags

Rather, using re-usable easy and quick squeeze storage packs are a smart option. Especially if you are a working or a busy mother. Nevertheless, you can always make four to five quick time-saving purees at once. And store the food in baby food storage boxes.

I always find this very convenient if I want to go to church or visit friends and relatives. You must try it too it makes life a whole lot easier.

Have an easy to use health care kit of your own.

Baby quick and easy to use health care kit.
Baby quick and easy to use health care kit.

In the process of introducing different kinds of foods and helping to develop your baby’s skills. You might also need to consider, having a baby health kit with you in your house.

The last thing you want to do is hunt around for all the right tools. In case your baby develops allergies or is not feeling well. keep things simple and organized.

Most kits usually come with;

  • A Nasal aspirator.
  • Digital thermometer with a case.
  • A medicine dropper with cap.
  • Medicine spoon with cap.
  • Nail clipper.
  • A travel storage bag that’s ready to go as soon as you need it.

This gives the safest thoughts as a baby because you will be confident that mama is always organised and ready!

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