Molar Teething Symptoms | Teething Symptoms.

Molar teething symptoms for other babies are a much more painful experience because, molars are bigger than the other teeth . Whereas in some babies the teething symptoms can be pretty much the same as the teething symptoms of the rest of the baby teeth.

What are molars?

Molars painted in red | molar teething symptoms.
Molars painted in red | molar teething symptoms.

Molars are actually the last of your baby’s teeth. Meaning that these will be the last teeth to erupt until your baby gets their permanent teeth.

Molar teething symptoms experience.

Baby experiencing molar teething symptoms.
Baby experiencing molar teething symptoms.

Though teething is an unpleasant experience for babies, at the end of the day it is an exciting and cute milestone. Molars come in one at a time and the eruption time will also be different. Moreover, most babies get their first molars from the time around the age of thirteen to nineteen months ; thus at the top . And the bottom molars which usually come in last , from fourteen to nineteen months. Then the second molars come in between twenty- five and thirty-three months . And on the top row, twenty – three to thirty- one months on the bottom.

Molar teething symptoms in toddlers.

Mother with toddler
Mother with toddler

Molar teething symptoms in toddlers can be a bit similar to other forms of teething. These can include:

Irritability when the baby is constantly fussy and is irritated with everything, not wanting to eat or play as they normally would.

Fever is one of the common symptoms of teething ,though not in all babies. Your two-year old baby’s molars and dental pain will not lead to a higher-grade fever but just a low grade one . A teething fever is usually low-grade less than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit .

Drooling much more than they usually do. Rashes are also common whenever a baby is experiencing teething symptoms. As they often tend to drool; this drool causes a rash . And it’s refered to as drool rash . However, in addition to this type of rash we also have what. We call a teething diaper rash which is stimulated by access saliva. In this saliva, there is a digestive enzyme that irritates the baby’s skin leading to a drool rash. Above all, you will note that babies tend to love chewing on objects and clothing most of the time. Moreover, at this stage the babies gums become red, swollen and painful as well.

Home remedies;

For baby molar teething symptoms.

Helping alleviate baby molar teething fever is not very difficult to do at home. Once done it relieves pain and discomfort of molar eruptions in your baby. However, you can try a few of these home remedies to help alleviate teething baby discomfort.

Baby teething fever;your baby will experience a slight teething fever, If the fever does not go away contact your baby’s pediatrician for professional advise. First of all, sterilize all your baby teething equipment like teethers , pacifiers,gauze or clothe.An your hands too must always be clean with clean neatly cut short nails . You can start by cooling all these teething toys that your baby uses in the refrigerator; making sure not to freeze them. Cut ,dice and slice baby’s food particularly fruits and freeze them . Then serve them to your baby. Supervise your baby as he eats to avoid chocking. Gently massage your baby’s gums with your fingers wrapped with a cool clothe or clean gauze to help soothe the itchy gums. Give your baby cool , pacifiers, teethers and spoon to chew on.

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