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How To Stop Toddler From Biting Nails: A Complete Guide

How to stop toddler from biting nails; For you to be successful in this you have got to have a strategy. As stopping any baby habit, requires a lot of clever planning. You have got to help your child out for them to stop this disturbing habit.

How to get toddler to stop biting nails?

Baby with hand on ear in How to get toddler to stop biting nails.
Baby with hand on ear in How to get toddler to stop biting nails.


Try helping your baby to understand that nail biting is a bad of habit, and that it should be stopped. Do this explaining to your toddler how much amount of germs they take in each time they bite their fingernails. Also how much the bacteria will infect their teeth and their body. Most toddlers do hate germs, once you mention germs they too will want to try and stop.

Secondly; How to get toddler to stop biting nails.

Secondly,  monitor your child’s behavior throughout the day to see how they are doing. On your attempt towards stopping their nail biting behavior and , as you do this let your toddler aware that you are keeping an eye on them. So that they do not try and be on it again. When your toddler has understood all this and has tried to keep his end of the promise. Do compliment him or her or even offer him treats for being such a good child. This encourages your child to try and fight the nail biting habit .

Thirdly; How to get toddler to stop biting nails.

If you realize that you have a nail biting toddler in the house . You might as well just go ahead and clip those little nails off. However, you can do this on a regular basis so as to keep the little guy without any nails .In addition , you can also have your toddlers hands kept clean all the time . And also teaching him or her to sanitize their hands regularly. “No nails “ means” no nail biting” ! . I must admit keeping your baby frequently sanitizing their hands will also contribute to them not trying to put their fingers into their mouths. As the sanitizer is bitter at times . The taste just makes them not to want to bite on their nails. Along with this, offering substitutes to your toddler to chew on helps keep your baby’s hands busy and out of their mouths. Stuff like rubber balls, silly putty.

Finally; How to get toddler to stop biting nails.

If the problem persists you can now try and get bite-averting nail polish for toddlers. When you do so, explain to the toddler that after you have applied this on you can’t chew on your nails. Let them agree to this then apply it on. Generally this bite-averting nail polish has a burning taste to it . Particularly, when licked it  takes the thrill out of nail biting and makes your child more conscious of the habit. And since you have gone for this method you will need to help your toddler out during meal times. So that they do not use their fingers directly when they are eating. Because the taste can end up causing your toddler to not want to eat . Or to just lose their appetite.

Why does a toddler bite their nails?

Toddlers bite their nails mainly due to a number of factors such as; Boredom, anxiety, genetic factors ,stress , curiosity, or simply copying others. But do not worry, as it usually goes away on its own with time with your help of course.

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