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How To File Baby Nails

How to file baby nails; filling baby nails requires you to be very careful and gentle. And , for you to implement this activity very well and safely. You will need to have a baby nail filler or emery board to shorten and smooth your baby’s nails.

How to prepare your baby for nail filling.

Baby hand and adult hand in how to file baby nails.
Baby hand and adult hand in how to file baby nails;

Firstly, you will need to make sure that your baby’s nails are clean both hands and feet. 

Secondly, make sure that you clean your baby’s hands and feet and then the nails  gently with your usual baby soap or shampoo, using your baby’s cotton gouze. Then after pat your baby dry after his or her bath . 

Thirdly, Trim your baby’s fingernails gently using your curved baby nail cutter, curving the fingernails. Likewise you can do the same with toe nails but keeping the cut straight across. 

Finally, you can now use your emery board since it is the safest to use on baby nails at this tender age .As they are very soft. Use the emery board to smoothen out rough edges on both fingernails and toe nails. And you are good to go.

While cleaning your baby’s nails. Avoid using your nail to dig out dirt from your baby’s nails. As this may push the dirt further under the baby’s nail bed. 

Can you use emery board on baby nails? In How to file baby nails.

Actually, “ yes” you can use emery board on your baby’s nails. Because it highly advised by most Doctors as is it is soft and gentler on baby’s nails. Rather, using metal nail filler son babies will do more harm than good to your baby’s skin. As they are too rough. 

When can I file baby nails? In How to file baby nails 

Nail clippers
Nail clippers

When your baby is about a month old, his or her nails will have started to harden a little and will have a firmer free edge. This will make it easier to trim them using baby nail scissors or clippers with rounded ends, though you will still need to do the process gently and  carefully.

Can you bite off your baby’s nails?

I have herd a number of people suggesting , that you can bite off your baby’s nails rather than clipping them off. But I personally think this is not hygienic and not safe at all . Because you might end up causing pain to your baby while trying to squeeze your teeth between the baby’s flesh and nail just to get a tight grip of the nail. As your teeth will be too thick to fit in between the gap . Although, some people might suggest that you go for this method . And that it works for them. But fingernail biting is a bad habit all the way around. Not only is it bad ; but passing germs from your mouth  to your baby’s hands is a “NO”. And also not forgetting that little baby might also have germs on their little fingers as well. Hence making this process a recipe for disaster.

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