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Postpartum Poop | Newborn Baby

Postpartum poop; This is the poop that you pass in the postnatal or postpartum period which begins immediately after childbirth. Around this same time your body’s hormonal levels and uterus size will be trying to  return to their initial non-pregnant state. During this time, muscles and connective tissue in your body will be returning to a pre-pregnancy state.

Recovering from childbirth complications is way faster during this period. As your body’s urinary and fecal incontinence will be returning back to normal with estrogen levels dropping too. Which will lead to large amounts of hair loss. Postpartum thyroiditis, painful intercourse, and pelvic prolapse are also some of the areas that take a long time to go back to normal . In some cases these may not even resolve.

Newborn baby Postpartum poop 

Postpartum constipation is primarily caused by dehydration and a diet low in fiber, fresh fruit and vegetables. As well as a slew of pregnancy and labour hormones, including progesterone, also slow bowel function. At the same time it is good to get bowel movements as they are healthy and normal. In addition to this you will note that after childbirth; there will be many new stressors. Stressors such as infant feeding and taking care of the baby, late night feedings .

Why is postpartum pooping difficult?

Toilet in postpartum poop
Toilet in postpartum poop

Postpartum poop is difficult to pass because of the process that you go through when delivering your baby . As it stretches your muscles particularly in your pelvic floor. Which in turn causes changes in the rectum area. These pelvic floor changes causes more stool to collect in your intestines before it is finally expelled. Hence making it difficult for you to pass stool.

However, the most common impediment, might be fear of a bowel movement after delivery. Which is quite common not only in new mothers but in most people . It makes you want  to withhold stool, making constipation worse. In addition ,postpartum constipation is also caused by pregnancy hormones. Iron supplements and a painful episiotomy site are culprits too. Furthermore stitches can be very painful during pooping . However, you can implement the following measures to help make the first postpartum poop easier.

Postpartum constipation relief tips;

To relieve pain during the pushing process , try putting counter-pressure on the perineum. Thus the area between your vagina and anus. You can do this using a clean cloth or gauze. Pressing a pillow gently against your C-section incision will help you feel more comfortable during bowel movements. In addition ,you can try a different dosage or formulation, or getting iron naturally for you to relive yourself of the discomfort. In the same vein, you can also make it a habit of drinking warm water every morning to help relax your muscles for a swifter bowel movement .

Drinking at least 9 to 10 glasses of water everyday should make it swift for you as well. You can make a change to your diet plan by eating foods that are high in fiber to aid bowel movement. Foods that you can eat that are high in fiber include green vegetables, cereals, bread, fruits, prune juice and bran . Last but not least , always try to get plenty of rest and sleep whenever you feel the urge to do so . Particularly when your baby is asleep. If you do this you will note a great difference.

Postpartum poop….

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