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Postpartum Poop Stuck

Postpartum poop stuck; A lot of changes take place in our bodies during this phase, of postpartum. These changes however, are very uncomfortable for us as nursing mothers. Mostly these changes are usually caused by pregnancy and labour hormones. Which cause bowel movements to function slower than usual.

What should I do if my postpartum poop is stuck?


In order to deal with stuck postpartum poop; you need to drink a lot of water about 9 to 10 glasses of water a day. Once you have done this you are sure you have helped facilitate the swift movement of your bowel. As we all know that lack of enough water in the body always leads to constipation. Hence it is wise to keep your body hydrated thus by drinking a lot more water than usual. On the other hand you also must consider taking food rich in fibre . So as to help your system process soft poop.

Most importantly fibre is specifically needed in your body, because it aids in the process of bowel movements. In the same vein your poop too also needs enough water and fibre; for it to be big enough for you to pass. Hence that is why it is important to take up foods rich in fibre. Because, the absence of fiber in your diet may also cause major hiccups. In addition to this, fibre is necessarily not for for your body to digest. But it is meant to help make your stool bigger for it to be passed easily as mentioned above. Hence including foods like green vegetables, bread, fruits, bran, prunes, fruits, cereals whole grain and warm water will be very helpful. Not forgetting to give yourself enough time to rest and to relax.

How do I pass poop if it gets stuck?

Our bodies will be in preparation to getting back to their normal routine. So amongst the various reasons, constipation is one of the most difficult. Your Postpartum poop gets stuck and more painful particularly when you try to prolong it . However when this is done it leads to fecal impaction. When this happens you must consider paying your doctor a visit for medical attention. Moreover, your doctor might prescribe or recommend a suppository or enema . This is done in order to help soften your stool whilst the postpartum poop is still stuck in your rectum. As well s a colonoscopy to look for possible blockages in your colon. Which in case will require a surgery to remove any blockage. 

Why can’t I push out my poop?

Toilet Postpartum poop stuck.
Toilet Postpartum poop stuck.

You always find it difficult to push poop because of a variety of reasons. These might be because ; your system will be dehydrated and that your diet is unbalanced. With some people it can be that they have an obstructed defecation syndrome (ODS). Which is a functional pooping disorder or mechanical and psychological reasons. In addition to all these there is yet again another common cause of difficulty in bowel movements. Which is common around the timeframe after child birth.

NB: It is normal to experience constipation following delivery.

We also have  hormonal effects, that makes us not to push poop properly. As well as sore stretched muscles and the intake of iron supplements. Together with hemorrhoids and episiotomy which also causes discomfort. If you have undergone an operation or had stitches after delivery it can also be a contributor. As attempting a bowel movement at this time, might cause massive pain.

However you can try and ease the pain by pressing a sterile pad or towel over your stitched area in order to avoid more tearing and to ease the pain as well. Some people also have a tendency of holding back or delaying their bowel movements as soon as they feel the urge to pass stool. Simply because they think the next movement will be of less pain. But this all together is wrong as it never gets any better.

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