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How To Wipe After First Postpartum Poop

How to wipe after first postpartum poop;Might seem very simple but surprisingly it is not always the case. Why? Because after giving birth, you may have had a tearing and your doctor has settled for stitches to help them to heal faster. And that you may have had surgery in the form of a C-section. As a result pooping after you have completed your big job might be a very painful experience. However you will have to keep yourself clean always in order to minimize chances of infection on your stitches. 

How to stay clean after first postpartum pooping.

Wet wipes in How to wipe after first postpartum poop
Wet wipes…

You can keep yourself clean after getting your first postpartum poop by first getting yourself a peri bottle to help clean easily. When using a peri bottle you first fill it up with warm water . Then gently blot the area. After that dry the area using super soft  toilet paper or medicated wipes . When doing this make sure that you leave the area completely dry. Furthermore, try to clean up yourself by gently wiping your pooping area . Do this by cleaning , starting from the front to the  back after every visit to the toilet , be it to urinate or to have a bowel movement. Then after doing the wiping  also try to spray yourself on the stitched area using warm water  or even cold water  as others would prefer .

Then after that pat the area dry and cross check to see if it is completely dry . You can do this by pressing over the stitches using a soft tissue. If there are any traces of wetness repeat the process until you get a dry tissue.If you are using sanitary pads or cotton wool make sure you change them regularly , in about every two to three hours. When you are now taking a bath avoid using soap on your stitches, just use plain water. In addition to all this , you can further do warm baths and sit baths for you to feel very clean and comfortable. I did sit baths in warm water with some salt in it because, it somehow made my stitches to heal a lot more faster.

How long does it take before I could start wiping postpartum poop?. In How to wipe after first postpartum poop.

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Soft cloth

Honestly, speaking pain experience and pain handling differs from person to person. As for me , it took me about a week and a half before I could even wipe at all. But other moms have different experiences. For instance , a friend of mine had an uncomplicated vaginal birth at home with no tear or episiotomy. She however says that shefelt good enough to wipe after about 3 weeks. Likewise  healing is so individual. 

How long does it take to poop after giving birth? In How to wipe after first postpartum poop

Pooping after giving birth can be instant, and in some women it might take from 3 days up to a week or even more. However this is only an estimate  as some women might even go for longer. Moreover, there is a wide range of normal when it comes to bowel movement. You know just like every pregnant woman’s  pre-pregnancy bowel movement schedule is a little different . So is your post-baby poop timeline. Which will depend exactly on what is normal for your system . As well as the details of your delivery and labor. 

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