When Does Baby Hair Fall Out

When does baby hair fall out ? Your newborn’s hair begins to shed off from; 3 to 6 months of their life making way for permanent hair.

Does all baby hair shed out

On the whole, your newborn baby’s hair will not stay around for too long with it being as nice as it looks Try not to get too attached to it like I did . Because, my baby was born with a full head of hair . Which was thick, beautiful and dark. Not only did it change color but also changed in texture. The only good thing is it did not shed off. Whereas, this will not be the case in every baby. As every baby is different. Some babies are born bold and others are born patchy. All of this hair types are normal , because eventually your baby will grow their hair back.

Do not worry;

When your baby’s hair begins to shed off ,try not to worry a lot as it is normal. However, your baby’s hair will grow back after falling out. Fortunately, studies show that a fetus starts growing hair during the first trimester. And will lose at least some of their hair then . Thus this is recorded in every baby; weather born with a bush or not. However, it is also a fact that hair loss in babies simply means that your baby is making the huge adjustments to the life outside the womb. Therefore, do not worry at all.

Reasons why your baby hair sheds off.

Baby wearing a headband; When does baby hair fall out ?
Baby wearing a headband; When does baby hair fall out ?

Firstly, hormonal shifts occur in your baby’s body after they are born. Which in turn causes all of their hairs to enter the resting phase at the same time hence contributing to your baby’s hair shedding. Secondly, ringworm on baby’s scalp is the main cause of patchy hair loss that needs medical treatment. Thirdly rubbing or friction mainly caused by tight clothing such as hats baby hair bands and so forth. Subsequently, tight hairstyles ,while twisting ,braiding and pulling can also cause baby hair breakage. finally, your nutrition while you are pregnant also contributes as well as your baby’s nutrition when outside the belly.

Normal newborn hair loss.

Like I mentioned above, newborn babies are born with varying amounts of hair. Likewise, the baby hair of many newborn babies will falls out during the first 6 months of life. Hair loss peaks at 3 months old. Which in turn , when it falls out it is replaced by beautiful permanent hair. Which you can begin to take care of as well to avoid hair breakage and hair loss.

How can I prevent it ? .

Baby hair falling out.
Baby hair falling out.

Now that you know the answer to the question “when does baby hair fall out?”. It is also highly important to know how to avoid your baby’s hair from falling off or breaking when new growth comes through.
You can start by; No ot overdressing your baby , thus by clothing them with tight hats every single day . If it is hot get rid of the hats and let your baby enjoy the fresh air. Getting your baby a good soft hair brush, that combs through the hair without too much friction.In addition to this avoid brushing your baby’s hair on a daily basis.

However avoid using combs, as they cause serious hair damage. After brushing your baby’s hair try to avoid using headbands all the time. Nevertheless, you can use them from time to time baring in mind not to tie your baby’s braids or ponytails too tight. Furthermore, avoid using a hair drier on your baby’s hair , let it air dry naturally. Finally, avoid washing your baby’s hair frequently.

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