Baby care.

In this category;you will get information on how to take good and proper care if yourself,your environment and most importantly your baby: Learn the sleeping routines of babies,and best tips on how to handle them when bathing and tucking them in bed.

How Often To Wash Baby Hair

How often to wash baby hair, at most you do not need to wash their hair every day. But once or twice a week. As babies produce very little oil. However if your baby has cradle cap; you may want to wash their hair more frequently with a mild baby cradle cap shampoo .

Baby Crawling Mat ; Baby Crawling Knee Pads

Baby crawling mat ; As your baby learns how to crawl on their crawling mat . You will discover that, anything within their vicinity and reach to them is food. So make sure you pay close attention to your baby!
Not all babies spend their time on their knees and hands. As some are lazy or smart enough to go through the crawling stage. So they spend less of their time on their knees and hands and start learning to take their first step. Henceforth they will be enjoying their freedom of exploring their environment in many different ways.

Best Formula For Gassy Newborn | Gassy newborn

Best formula for gassy newborn babies is to have your baby not swallowing loads of air particularly when breastfeeding or when feeding him or her formula milk. You can also a diet change as babies have sensitivities that could be affected by your diet. Particularly, in mother’s that are breastfeeding. And in babies that take formula milk ,you need to try and change their feeding bottle and get the best formula for gassy newborn. However, Your baby can become gassy by swallowing loads of air while feeding due to the type of container you are using to feed them . So it is wise just like i mentioned before . For you to change that feeding bottle. You can realize that your baby has swallowed air . Thus, when they cry during feeding , in addition, improper burping practices may also cause your baby to be gassy and irritable too.